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Bathtub Grab Bars / Bathtub Safety Bars & Rails

Shop bathtub safety bars and bathtub grab bars at AvaCare Medical now! Do you feel that taking a bath is a risky venture that should be attempted as seldom as possible? It doesn’t have to be that way. Read More...

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  1. Tri-Grip Bathtub Rail
    Tri-Grip Bathtub Rail
    Starting at $55.93
  2. Carex Bathtub Rail
    Carex Bathtub Rail
    Starting at $35.82
  3. Carex White Bathtub Rail
    Carex White Bathtub Rail
  4. Dual Level Bathtub Rail
    Dual Level Bathtub Rail
  5. Bathtub Safety Rail, Retail
  6. Tub-Guard Bathtub Safety Rails
  7. Sure-Safe Bathtub Safety Rail
  8. Tub Grab Bars
    Tub Grab Bars
    Starting at $31.22
  9. Plastic Tub Rail, 16.5"
    Plastic Tub Rail, 16.5"
  10. Deluxe Bathtub Grab Bars with Microban
  11. Clamp-on Tub Rail, Parallel
  12. McKesson Bathtub Grab Bar Powder Coated White 14.5"
    Out of Stock

Items 1-12 of 13

Set Descending Direction

Bathtub safety grab bars are grab bars for tubs. They enable individuals with limited mobility to enjoy a relaxing bath without serious concern. Frequent showering is crucial for maintaining overall health and preventing infection, but at times, the anxiety you feel at the thought of attempting to get in or out of the tub can be enough to make you doubt if it’s worth the risk. 

Minimize the risk by installing bathtub safety bars in your bathtub! Bathroom safety grab bars are not very expensive, and will provide you with priceless peace of mind and prolong your independence. 

Tub-Mounted Bathtub Grab Bars

Aside from standard grab bars, which are secured onto the walls of the tub, there is also an over the tub grab bar which can be “clamped” onto the outer side of the tub; the side that one climbs in and out of the tub from. 

The main benefit of using a clamp-on bathtub grab bar is that it is extremely sturdy, and yet doesn’t require drilling in order to install it. A side benefit is that it comes in many different shapes, styles and sizes. 

These bathtub handrails allow for individuals with limited mobility to have an easier time entering and exiting the tub. They provide much-needed stability without damaging the tub in any way. 

It is important to check the bathtub safety rail every so often since there is always a chance that it may come loose over time. 

Features of Tub Safety Rails

Tub safety rails and bathtub bars come with many different features. Read on for information about some of the more common features so that you’ll know what your options are and you can choose the best tub safety rails for your needs. 

  • Non-Marring Pads: Usually comprised of rubber, these pads will ensure your tub doesn’t get scratched from the tub safety rails. 
  • Adjustable Handle Height: With this feature, you can adjust the handles of the rail as needed for optimal support. 
  • Tool Free Assembly: If you want an easy and quick assembly, look out for this line!
  • Textured Handle: This allows the user to get a better grip. 
  • Rust-Proof Finish: A rust-proof finish enhances the bathtub assist bar’s durability and lets it last longer. 

Many seniors are afraid of showering and bathing. They haven’t yet found out about the option to install bathtub grab bars in their tub. Now that you are aware of this product, you can make getting in and out of the tub much easier. 

Drive Bathtub Safety Rail

The Drive Bathtub Safety Rail is a durable, easy to install tub bar option. The white powder coated steel frame matches most white tubs for a pleasant look. Non-wearing rubber pads on the bottom of the Drive Medical Bathtub Grab Bar prevent the surface of the bathtub from becoming scratched from the bathtub safety bar. The Drive Bathtub Safety Bar allows for tool-free assembly and fits most tubs (not including fiberglass ones). There are two options of the Drive Bathtub Safety Rail; one that is both height (from 14.5" to 17") and width adjustable (from 3" to 7"), and one that is only width adjustable (from 3" to 7"). The weight capacity of this adjustable clamp is 300 pounds. 

The clamp can be adjusted for width by turning the locking mechanism. This tightens the rubber pads and pulls them closer to the tub for the most secure fit. 

Medline Bathtub Safety Bar

The Medline Bathtub Safety Bar is a grab bar that clamps onto the side of the tub. The rubber-lined pads at the bottom will prevent the grab bar from scratching the tub. The solid white finish is aesthetically pleasing, and the step-through design of the Medline bathtub safety grab bar makes it easy to get in and out of the tub. 

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