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Shower Grab Bars / Shower Safety Bars

Shower grab bars or shower safety handles provide seniors with something to hold onto for support when in the bathtub or shower. A shower grab bar can protect those with balance issues or limited mobility from having a slip or fall. Read More...

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  1. Parallel Bar
    Parallel Bar
  2. Suction Cup Grab Bar, 12", White and Beige
  3. Hinged Left Rail
    Hinged Left Rail
  4. Healthsmart Suction Grab Bar
    Healthsmart Suction Grab Bar
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  5. Steel Knurled Grab Bar
    Steel Knurled Grab Bar
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  6. Cardinal Health Grab Bar
    Cardinal Health Grab Bar
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  7. Dependa Bar, White Finish
    Dependa Bar, White Finish
  8. Safe-ER-Grip Swivel Assist
    Safe-ER-Grip Swivel Assist
  9. Dependa Bar Lower Grab Bar
    Dependa Bar Lower Grab Bar
  10. Mabis DMI Suction Grab Bar
    Mabis DMI Suction Grab Bar
  11. Knurled Grab Bar, 32"
    Knurled Grab Bar, 32"
  12. Chrome Grab Bars
    Chrome Grab Bars
    Starting at $12.91

Items 1-12 of 17

Set Descending Direction

Are you afraid of falling in the shower? Do you worry every time your loved one takes a shower? Shower safety bars can help you or your loved ones stay safe. Don’t wait; be proactive and order a shower safety rail now!

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention), every year, over 75,000 people visit emergency rooms due to shower or bath-related injuries. Installing shower grab bars is a practical, thoughtful way to reduce the likelihood of falls in your bathroom. Showers and bathtubs can be slippery, and hard to climb in and out of. Shower handrails can provide essential support for anyone who needs it.

Guide to Choosing Shower Grab Bars: What to Look Out For

When choosing a shower grab bar, there are several factors you’ll want to keep in mind so that you’ll get the most safe and durable shower grab bar, that works for your needs. 

Weight Capacity

Every shower grab bar has a maximum weight capacity it can hold. A shower grab bar with not enough weight capacity won’t provide the user with enough support. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your shower grab handle has the weight capacity you need it to, because this allows for you to use it safely. 

Shower grab bars are not designed to carry a person’s full body weight for long stretches of time; rather, they provide support and help the individual pull himself up or sit down. 

Good Grip

The purpose of a shower safety rail is to provide support when you need something to grab onto. Therefore, you want a shower grab bar that is easy to hold onto. After showering, often, your hands will be wet, and it can be harder to get a firm hold on the shower grab bar. Therefore, you want to find a shower grab bar that is as easy to grab onto as possible. A shower grab bar with a textured grip is easier to hold onto and can help prevent dangerous falls. For those with larger hands, look for a curved shower grab rail.


Shower handle bars that are 1.5 inches in diameter are strong, yet still easy to hold onto. This is the ADA recommended diameter for shower grab bars. 

Space Between Wall & Bar

Be sure that the shower support handle you choose is not more than 1.5 inches off the wall. A shower grip bar that is too far away from the wall is not as safe, and should not be chosen if there are better options available. 

Metal vs Plastic Grab Bars

If you’re looking for shower bars that won’t rust or corrode, the stainless steel Moen Shower Grab Bar or plastic grab bars for showers will be your best choices. If you want a super sturdy metal shower bar you can depend on, there are many steel or aluminum options.

Methods of Installation

There are two main mounting styles: One kind features suction cups, and the other type is mounted into the studs of the wall. Shower grab bars which can be mounted into the wall are more sturdy, while the ones with suction cups are good for traveling, since they can be removed from the wall and placed back on relatively easily.

Suction shower safety bars are easier to install than ones that need to be drilled into the wall, but are not as supportive - they can’t hold as much weight, and can come loose more easily over time. These safety handrails for showers are better for those who still have moderate mobility and therefore won’t put that much weight on the shower assist bar. Individuals with severe mobility issues should only use shower safety bars that can be mounted onto the wall. 

Shower grab bars with suction cups can be utilized when the person needs a bar for a short period of time (for example, he has a temporary injury). They are also a smart device to keep in the house in case you may have a visitor who requires it. 

They shouldn’t be kept up for permanent use unless the individual who requires its use can be trusted to check before showering that it is attached securely to the wall, since shower grab bars with suction cups do tend to get loose. 

Aside from the aforementioned most important factors, you can also keep in mind your color preferences and price range. 

Shower Grab Bar Placement: Where to Install Shower Bars

A vertical entrance bar in the shower should be installed on the wall opposite the faucet. A horizontal shower support bar should be at least 32 inches long, and should be placed on the side wall, approximately 24 - 36 inches from the floor. It is also wise to place a second vertical or diagonal bar near the faucet handles for support while turning on the faucet.

Do your best to prevent slips and falls from occurring, and reduce the likelihood of injury by installing shower safety grab bars as soon as you can. AvaCare Medical offers free shipping on all shower security bars over $49.99. Dial (877) 813-7799 to speak with a customer care representative now!