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If you are struggling with low flexibility or mobility, which can cause you intense pain every time you try to reach out to hold something, getting grabber tools that help with accessibility and reach is the best option. These tools are specifically handy for seniors that struggle with low flexibility or light grip issues. At Avacare Medical, we have a vast range of high-quality grabbers and grippers that can help you find a quick and easy fix to your accessibility and reachability issues. Read More...

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  1. FabLife Reaching Aid
    FabLife Reaching Aid
    Starting at $17.55
  2. McKesson Reaching Aid
    McKesson Reaching Aid
    Starting at $10.22
  3. McKesson Folding Reaching Aid
    McKesson Folding Reaching Aid
    Starting at $10.96
  4. Carex Ultra Grabber Reaching Aid
    Carex Ultra Grabber Reaching Aid
    Starting at $148.16
  5. SafetySure Economy Bed Pull Up
  6. Closed-Cell Foam Tubing, Assorted Color
  7. Juzo Arm Sleeve Slippie, Large
  8. IMAK Ergo Mouse Glider
    IMAK Ergo Mouse Glider
  9. Handy Grabber Reaching Aid
    Handy Grabber Reaching Aid
  10. Patterson Reacher
    Patterson Reacher
    Starting at $27.06
  11. Carex Metal Reacher
    Carex Metal Reacher
    Starting at $17.92
  12. Duro-Matic Metal Reacher
    Duro-Matic Metal Reacher
    Starting at $13.18

Items 1-12 of 51

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making sure that you can carry out your daily activities with the same accessibility and ease without putting additional strain or discomfort on your body. These Grabbers for seniors have been specially designed keeping in mind the everyday activities that an individual performs, and how can these medically designed grabbers make those tasks easy and comfortable for such seniors struggling with mobility or accessibility issues. Our huge and inclusive range of grabber tools for the elderly ensures that we have the right tool for any and every purpose that a senior might require. From our Heavy-duty grabber tool to our hand grabber, all our products are made from high-quality and hygienic material to ensure good support and safety of the user.

Benefits Of Buying A Grabber Tool:

Buying something as productive as a grabber tool can make your life easy, especially if you are a senior or an individual struggling with mobility issues. Here’s a list of benefits that grabber tools offer:

Easy Accessibility:

Reaching into places that were previously inaccessible is super easy. Whether it is a corner of your house that your body can not fit into or a top-shelf that you cannot stretch and reach. Having a grabber tool by your side ensures that all points are easily accessible to you.


This feature of a grabber stick is particularly highly beneficial for seniors. As the reach and sturdy build of the grabber stick ensures that the stick can be safely used to locate, reach, and grab substances with a strong grip. So if you are a senior or someone with balance issues who could have fallen while bending to pick an object, using a grabber stick can ensure your safety as well as good handling of the product.


Buying a grabber tool is not an expense that you need to incur regularly. These tools are made from waterproof, rust-free, strong material that is made to last and serve.

Good For Health:

Having a grabber tool at your aid means that your body can avoid bending or stretching excessively for daily routine tasks, so your muscles can relax and are not strained. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Grabber Tool:

Investing in a good grabber tool that serves your essential purpose is an excellent way to go about tackling the muscle or body strain that you might feel by carrying out simple, daily routine tasks at your age, such as picking up the trash or getting up from the toilet without support. Once you have decided to invest in a good reacher grabber to make your life easy, here are a few features that can help you decide on the best grabber tool:

Analyze the quality of the tool: 

Something that is made for your support should be sturdy and made from a high-quality resilient material that does not break apart when weight is applied to it. Buying a high-quality grabber may cost more than low-quality ones, but it will ensure that it does not break off and cause additional troubles. Along with this, high-quality grabber tools practically last for decades without rusting or deteriorating, making them a highly economical investment in the long run. 

Check the Reach and grip of the grabbing tool:

Checking the grip of the grabbing tool before making your purchase is essential. There are many products in the market that you can find under various grabbing tool names but are practically useless due to their loose grip. If the grabber grip is not good, you will be left with a useless claw-er like those in arcade games that carry out their intended purpose once in a blue moon. This is particularly important if you are getting a grabber hand or handheld grabber for everyday use.

Resilient to heat, pressure, and rust:

A cheap material grabber can quickly depreciate and become unusable pretty fast due to high pressure, temperature, or rusting. Hence buy good Grabber sticks that are resilient to such wear and tear. 

Uses Of Grabber Tool(s):

The uses of grabber tools can be several and can vary based on creativity, product features, reachability, etc. But at large, grabber tools serve these primary purposes:

Increase Reachability:

Grabber tools can significantly increase the user's reachability by being able to fit into compact places or reach higher heights that are not possible to reach using hands.

Make Everyday Activities More Manageable And Safe:

Managing daily tasks becomes relatively very easy with the help of a grabber stick by your side. The strong build also ensures safety and security. 


These sticks not only make grabbing products easy but are also known to provide balanced support to seniors while performing usual tasks like walking, standing up from a sitting position, etc. 

Providing high accessibility:

Grabber sticks make things easily accessible to reach and grab.

Protective gear:

Frequently, grabber tools are used as a protective weapon by seniors that they can use when stuck in an unpleasant situation. 

Why Choose Us?

At Avacare Medical, you can find all sorts of high-quality grabber tools at the most affordable prices. We take pride in the durability and usability of your grabber tools, and we're popularly known for the best production of grabbing tools for different purposes. Whether it is a long reach grabber for seniors or a trash grabber for everyday cleaning, we have the best product for you at the most reasonable prices. Explore through our wide range of long grabber tools and get the right fit for your needs. 

If you need help in selecting items from our catalog or need more information regarding the products, please get in touch with us at 1-877-813-7799, and our customer service team is always available to guide you in selecting the best grabber for your requirements.