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Shower Chairs & Benches / Bath Seats

A bath chair or shower stool can make showering independently an option again when a person becomes too weak to stand alone while they shower. Unlike regular chairs, a shower bench for the elderly or for disabled people is specially designed for safe use in the bathroom, with non-slip feet, drainage holes, and rust-resistant material. Read more...

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  1. Carex Universal Bath Seat with Back
  2. Corner Shower Seat
    Corner Shower Seat
  3. McKesson Bath Bench With Back
    McKesson Bath Bench With Back
    Starting at $52.43
  4. ProBasics Shower Chair with Back and Arms
    ProBasics Shower Chair with Back and Arms
    Starting at $75.52
  5. ProBasics Shower Chair
    ProBasics Shower Chair
    Starting at $47.17
  6. Low Profile Shower Commode Cushion 16" x 18"
  7. Mariner Rehab Shower Chair with Rust-resistant Aluminum Frames
  8. Lumex Platinum Collection Bath Seat with Backrest, 22" x 20" x 19", Blue
  9. Carex Adjustable Bath & Shower Seat
    Carex Adjustable Bath & Shower Seat
    Starting at $158.07
  10. Classics Bath & Shower Seat
    Classics Bath & Shower Seat
    Starting at $44.85
  11. Carex Compact Shower Stool
    Carex Compact Shower Stool
    Starting at $39.98
  12. Carex Universal Bath Seat
    Carex Universal Bath Seat

Items 1-12 of 59

Set Descending Direction

The standard bath chair is also built with adjustable legs so you can find the most comfortable height to suit your needs.

Purpose of a Shower Chair or Bath Seat

Having a bathroom shower chair or bench is essential if one is interested in ensuring that the safety needs of elderly and/or disabled individuals are not compromised. Any time a user has limited mobility, he may require assistance with maintaining hygiene. However, many seniors would rather have a degree of freedom and independence, and not rely on others to care for them. A bathtub shower bench can help the person retain his independence as much as possible (even if a caretaker needs to help them get in and out of the tub).

There are many benefits to having a shower chair in one’s bathroom. The main purpose of bath benches and shower chairs, as mentioned above, is to provide a safe and secure bathing experience for the user. 

The reason why safety is repeatedly emphasized when one discusses seniors is because aside from construction workers, seniors have the highest rates of slips, trips, and falls in the country, and statistics clearly show that almost all of these inadvertent occurrences happen in the shower or bath area. Sadly, for a senior citizen or a disabled person, a fall in the bathroom can cause numerous injuries, and can sometimes even be fatal. A person’s safety is not worth risking, and therefore, a shower chair or safety seat is definitely a worthwhile investment for anyone who believes in the importance of staying safe!

Types of Shower Chairs and Benches

A user or caregiver who is searching for the right shower chair for his tub may feel overwhelmed with the abundant amount of options available on the market. This is a common gut reaction of many, but honestly, purchasing a shower seat doesn’t have to be something to overthink. All that’s necessary is to be sure that one is knowledgeable enough to purchase a bath bench chair that will be best for his needs, and one can figure that out by reading on immediately below. 

Commode Shower Chairs

These are quite helpful to seniors and the disabled, because they combine bathtub safety and continence help all in one. 

Shower Chairs that Swivel

Swivel tub and shower seats offer users more mobility and help so that users can get in and out of the tub more easily. Since the chair swivels, it is easier for the caregiver to reach the side of the person that is facing the back wall of the tub; he merely has to swivel the chair so that the person is now facing the opposite side. 

Bath Safety Chairs with Arms

When one needs to take a bath, shower chairs with armrests allow him to get a better grip, for more support. This added security that a specially designed shower chair seat provides can give people the desired sense of stability as well as a feeling of independence.

Bath and Shower Chairs with Backrests

Many users enjoy having a relaxing bathing experience while in the tub. Having a bath shower seat with a backrest attached (or one that can optionally be folded down or removed when needed) can add to the comfort level of the user, and make it easier to sit still in the tub while being bathed by a caregiver. 

Bath Seats for Children

Some disabled children (such as those with musculoskeletal conditions) require extra help with bathing, and pediatric shower chairs are essential for such a child, or any child who needs additional stability. These tub and shower chair seats can handle up to 200 pounds of weight. while giving amazing support to the child’s body, ensuring that he doesn’t fall.

Shower Tub with Bench-style Chairs

Other bath shower seats are designed exactly like shower benches, but the seat itself is made to rest on the side walls of the tub, for transfer bench-like feel. These are also commonly used as portable chairs because they can be placed in almost any bathtub.

Removable Shower Seats

Some people want an accessible shower chair that is able to be taken along while traveling, and then set up for use in any temporary location. Additionally, some may simply want to move the shower chair seat outside the tub or storage. Many different portable shower chair and small shower chair options exist on the market.

Choosing the Best Shower Chair

When choosing a shower seat or bath chair, there are several factors to keep in mind. Although some bathroom shower chairs and benches are designed to provide the user with optimum comfort, it is important for anyone who is looking for a shower chair to always prioritize safety first. 

For your safety, check the weight capacity to ensure that the handicap shower chair can carry your weight reliably. For heavier patients, a bariatric shower chair may be required for sufficient stability. The overall weight of the product should be taken into consideration as well if other family members will want to remove it before showering themselves.

It’s also important to make sure that the bath seat is not too large for the area of use. For smaller spaces, consider simple shower bench seats with three or four legs. Other things you may want to look out for are a shower chair with arms, shower chair with back or one with both for additional support. Arms are very helpful for added support and stability when sitting down or getting up.

The bath seats and shower stools at AvaCare Medical are available with great features, like padded seats and backrests, rotating seats for a more complete range of motion and pediatric styles designed for children. Another great option is a shower chair with wheels, which rolls straight into the shower stall for your ease and convenience.

To further enhance your showering experience, be sure to consider purchasing a handheld shower head so you can shower fully while seated.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, or you’re having a hard time finding the right shower chair for yourself or a patient, give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 or send an email our way - we're here to help with all of your questions or concerns! We ship to all 48 of the continental United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska), and remember, anything over $50 qualifies for free shipping!