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Padded Shower Chairs / Cushioned Shower Benches

If you’re looking to find a padded shower chair to provide the ultimate, comfortable shower experience, you should consider our innovative collection of padded shower seat cushions, as well as some excellent shower chairs with removable arms, shower transfer seats, padded commode seats and more! Read more...

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  1. Low Profile Shower Commode Cushion 16" x 18"
  2. Commode Seat Cushion, 16.5"
    Commode Seat Cushion, 16.5"
  3. Padded Seat for Rehab Shower/Commode
  4. Momentum Shower Chairs, Gray
    Momentum Shower Chairs, Gray
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  5. Knock Down Bath Bench with Back and Padded Arms
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5 Items

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There Are Many Benefits to Using Padded Shower Chairs

Compared to other shower chairs made of harder materials, padded shower chairs have numerous benefits, making them one of the best shower chairs for elderly or disabled people. At the same time, the use of a padded shower bench remains just as helpful for people who have trouble standing in the shower or bath. This makes them just as safe as their hard-material counterparts. Indeed, some of the following advantages are self-evident.

Padded Shower Chairs Are More Comfortable

Most people like the feeling of a softer seating surface. For those who suffer from chronic pain, a padded seat can make all the difference when sitting in the shower, using the restroom, or even just sitting anywhere else in the house. Cushioned shower chairs also help to provide a bit more warmth than plastic or metal shower chairs and commodes because the vinyl lining and foam interior help to absorb heat better, creating a warmer surface.

Excellent for Support

Some shower chairs with removable arms also feature padded seats. This makes them a great accessory when it comes to helping elderly or disabled users get up and down. They often provide just as much security as their heavier-duty counterparts, while still maintaining comfort.

Padded Shower Seats Are Extremely Easy to Clean

Many people love the fact that cleanup is a breeze with a padded bath chair. Some of them can easily be rinsed and washed off while others require a simple wipe-down with a sanitizing wipe. Standalone shower or commode seat models allow easy removal of the shower chair or commode transfer seat, permitting a simple wash with warm water and soap.

How to Properly Care for a Padded Shower Chair

One thing to consider is that the vinyl material can become cracked over time if it is not washed and dried properly. Soap residue and grime can build up, and when this happens, it can invite unsanitary conditions. Fortunately, there are replacement shower seats and seat cushions available for purchase which come in many different shapes & sizes to accommodate whichever shower chair you have.

In order to properly maintain a padded shower seat, harsh acidic or scrubbing cleaners should be avoided as they can deteriorate the protective coating on the soft shower seats. Keep in mind that the older a padded seat is, the higher the chances are that stains can develop on the surface. When this occurs, a cleaner that helps to remove stains can be used accordingly. For example, if a white padded seat is being used, it is advised to use bleach or hydrogen peroxide. However, if the shower seat is made of a different material (such as ROHO seat cushions that are inflatable – made out of black neoprene instead of vinyl or latex) or a different color, it’s generally a good idea to avoid using anything that could bleach the material, as this can also cause excessive drying and other problems (such as air leaks).

Can Padded Shower Seats Have Folding Backs?

Yes! Some shower chairs have backs that can fold down to allow use as a basic shower stool and for easy storage. They can later be used with the backrest raised if extra back support is required. There are even padded shower chairs available that come with a back and arms for even more support.

What Materials Are Padded Shower Benches Made of?

Even though the material for the seat itself is a softer material, safety should still represent the primary factor when choosing a padded bath stool. Therefore, many shower stools with softer, padded seats often feature structural construction made of the following materials:

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the primary materials used to construct excellent, high-grade medical chairs. It is one of the safest metals and provides high durability and strength to give shower chairs better balance and weight support.

  • PVC

Similar to aluminum, PVC is commonly used on the accessories of some shower seats. While it may not necessarily be used for the shower seats themselves, it is often used as part of the framing for toilet seats. Of course, in these applications, a soft commode seat will be used to provide extra cushioning for comfort.

  • Neoprene

Some commode seat cushions are made out of this high-quality material instead of latex. Neoprene is a very sturdy synthetic rubber that is, unlike latex, hypoallergenic.

  • Rubber Feet

Whether they are made out of latex or neoprene, almost all padded shower chairs come with rubber feet to ensure that they are as safe as possible. Seniors and handicapped people are some of the most susceptible to slip-and-fall injuries; therefore, it is important that a shower chair maintains a non-slip grip with the surface it rests upon.

Many people don’t realize that surfaces in their homes - kitchen floors and shower floors alike – can be unlevel. This may be another cause of falls, so always check to ensure that the chair remains level on the ground during use.

Padded Bath Stools Are Adjustable

All shower chairs that we offer (including our padded shower chairs) are able to be adjusted to accommodate a large range of height needs.

Our shower chairs are the best of the best here at AvaCare Medical. We want to make sure that when it comes to choosing your shower chair, you’re not only safe, but you are also comfortable! We care about every single one of our customers and want to make sure that you are confident in the padded shower chair you choose. If you wish to review more of our products and find additional information, you can request a free catalog. Of course, don’t hesitate to call us, toll-free, or send us an email if you have questions. We are eager to help!