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Reclining Shower Chairs / Reclining Bath Chairs for Adults

Reclining shower chairs represent a more spacious alternative to many other shower chairs and provide more security for those who have more serious mobility problems. These reclining bath provide users with exceptional comfort and support. Read more...

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Reclining Shower Chairs vs. Standard Shower Chairs

Both standard shower chairs and reclining shower chairs offer users many similar benefits in terms of comfort, safety, and security. Standard chair users may wonder if reclining shower seats might be an acceptable upgrade. Particularly if incontinence is a concern, a reclining shower commode with or without wheels may be recommended.

How to Know if a Reclining Shower Chair is Needed

Mobility remains the prime factor when determining one’s need for a reclining shower chair. If someone has only moderate mobility issues and needs a commode shower chair due to a basic injury, illness, or surgery, then the need for an upgrade to a reclining commode chair may not be necessary. Each user, however, should consult their doctor about the specifics of their individual case. If a user has difficulty sitting up straight, issues with upper body support, requires a wheelchair permanently, or has problems moving short distances, then a reclining bath chair with wheels may be a great help to that user and his caregiver.

Shower chairs allow those who would prefer to bathe themselves to do so. They can be utilized by individuals who require moderate or very little help when it comes to standing in the shower or bath. Conversely, reclining shower chairs for disabled people are widely used for those who can’t support their bodies as well. 

What Does a Reclining Shower Chair Do?

Most of the time, reclining bath chairs are used by caregivers in order to help those who are incapable of bathing or showering themselves. Bariatric reclining shower chairs, for example, allow users and caregivers to have more security and safety when it comes to transferring someone to the restroom, as well as during bath time in order to prevent slips and falls from occurring.

The Benefits of Reclining Shower Chairs with Wheels

As mentioned earlier, these shower chairs are useful for those who can’t sit in normal shower chairs or on typical bath stools. Some people with certain medical conditions may lose the ability to sit or rise on their own.  Reclining shower chairs are particularly suited for patients like these.

Shower Chairs with Wheels

Some shower chairs have wheels. They assist those who are recovering from a procedure or injury, allowing them to be transferred properly. Furthermore, these chairs can be maneuvered around, acting as a wheelchair. These chairs can even be adjusted properly to better position the user when needed. 

Commode Seats

The commode option on shower chairs was created because many elderly and handicapped people live with incontinence issues. However, there is more to a commode seat than just that. Commode seats also offer the benefit of allowing for proper perineal care – it allows caregivers or individuals the ability to wash their body without having to make other special accommodations or transfer to a different seat. 

Additional Strength

The concept behind this type of shower chair is not only concerned with additional mobility support but also because users often require higher weight capacities. Hygiene remains important when it comes to our bodies, and without the ability to clean properly, people can suffer further injuries as well as infections. Larger handicapped people are also more susceptible to fall-related injuries, so it is important to have the proper weight-bearing models in place as well.

The Durability of Reclining Shower Chairs

The construction of a reclining bath chair is the primary factor that makes it durable and secure. Having a PVC reclining shower chair allows users that may weigh more to feel that very sense of security. Most reclining bath chairs have around a 300lb capacity, although there may be able to bear even more weight than that. In order to get the right fit, the measurements on reclining bath chairs should also be reviewed since height should be taken into consideration. Having a reclining bath chair for adults that does not properly accommodate height or weight capacity represents a safety hazard and can make users less safe and secure.

Other Things to Consider When Looking for Reclining Shower Chairs

Finding a good shower chair is hard enough; finding one that reclines can be even tougher. Therefore, users should consider the full scope of benefits that each individual chair model offers. Review how many positions a certain reclining chair is capable of featuring – a good suggestion would be at least 5 different reclining positions.

Further, consider is whether or not you need a commode opening and bucket. While most adult reclining shower chairs are equipped with a commode opening, the bucket is not necessarily included in all models.

Of course, the material is also equally important to consider. Reclining shower chairs should be easy to clean and include mesh that is easy to keep dry and dry quickly after cleaning. Other materials to consider would be the frame itself. PVC shower chairs with wheels are often more lightweight while aluminum shower chairs with wheels may be bulkier and heavier. Both still provide adequate mobility to both the user and the caregiver.

Look for these features when trying to choose the best reclining shower seat for an adult:

  • Mesh lining - allows for easy cleaning and fast drying.
  • Plastic commode seat - allows for a sense of security and easy cleaning.
  • Rear locking - keeps wheels from moving to ensure safety.
  • Medical grade PVC - waterproof and allows for higher weight capacity usually.
  • Product weight - having a lighter weight allows for easy maneuvering.
  • Cushioned/padded leg rest - increases user comfort.
  • Wheels - provides mobility and navigation.

Other Safety Concerns

Safety should always be the primary concern when choosing any shower chair, and one that reclines is no different. Keep in mind that navigating any bathroom can quickly turn into a safety hazard for some people. Therefore, a commode seat is probably the best bet when it comes to making shower and restroom visits easier. Open floor plans also make it easier for the device to be rolled from one location to another, and strategically placed over the toilet.


AvaCare Medical offers the highest-quality in terms of reclining shower chair options for your needs. We care about your safety and feel that everyone deserves the best treatment and medical care possible. If you have any questions regarding the bath equipment we offer, don’t hesitate to call our toll-free line at 1-877-813-7799 or chat with us. Our working hours are listed below. If you need to reach us after working hours, we’re always just an email away!