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Bariatric Shower Chairs / Heavy Duty Shower Benches

Bariatric shower chairs are heavy-duty shower chairs that help ensure that a person whose weight is more than average is safe and comfortable in the shower. While most people enjoy showering, standing in the shower tends to be difficult and even dangerous for individuals with limited mobility, and especially for heavy people with mobility issues. Showering can be challenging for people with excessive weight and limited mobility, but a heavy duty shower chair makes doing so much easier. Read More...

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Uses of Bariatric Shower Chairs

Bariatric shower chairs are designed with durable construction to accommodate and help people over 300 pounds to shower comfortably and safely. Unlike standard shower chairs that can only accommodate a 300-pound weight limit most of the bariatric shower chairs or benches are designed to be able to withstand individuals who weigh up to 600 pounds.

The bariatric shower bench or chair can be placed in a shower or bathtub to give the user a safe spot to sit while taking a shower. The bariatric bath chair and benches not only suitable for obese individuals, but they can also be used by elderly individuals who may suffer from injury, disability, and any form of illness that makes it difficult for them to stand on their own and bathe themselves.

Types of Bariatric Shower Chairs

Bariatric shower chairs come in many styles, and you can easily find one suitable for your shower or bath. Some of the common types of bariatric shower chairs include:

1. Standard Bariatric Shower Chairs

Just like regular chairs, bariatric shower chairs have four legs. The chair legs, usually with non-slip rubber feet, rest securely in the shower or bathtub. The heavy-duty bariatric shower chairs are designed to fit into regular-sized bathtubs. These are the simplest bariatric shower chairs available, and they come with or without a backrest and armrest.

2. Bariatric Bath Stools

These heavy-duty bath or shower stools have a round seat that doesn’t include back support. The bariatric shower stool is suitable for narrower shower tubs and stalls.

3. Bariatric Shower Chair with Wheels

Some extra-wide shower chairs come with wheels, making it easier to move, and thus, providing easier accessibility for individuals with mobility issues. The mobile bariatric shower chair has four wheels to transport users in and out of bathtubs or shower stalls. Most of the bariatric shower chairs with wheels also have a bucket or open seat that acts as a commode.

4. Transfer Bariatric Shower Chairs

This product is an over-the-tub chair made for very obese individuals with severe mobility limitations. These shower chairs make it easier, with the help of a caretaker or alone, to get into the shower from the wheelchair.

5. Folding Bariatric Shower Benches

This is the most cost-effective, heavy-duty shower bench. Bariatric shower benches feature the standard rubberized feet and a seat with no back for limited support while bathing. These bariatric shower benches with folding capacity are convenient for compact storage or easy travel.

Features and Benefits of Bariatric Shower Chairs

  • Some of the heavy-duty bath chairs offer adjustable height legs, which allow them to accommodate the varying heights of the bathtub.
  • Most shower chairs feature tube feet at the bottom of each device’s leg, which helps to reduce the risk of it slipping away when the user sits down.
  • Some of the products on the market feature handles attached to the sides of the bariatric shower seats.
  • Most bariatric shower benches and chairs have a cut-out portion in the center of the heavy duty shower chair, which makes it possible to reach down and wash the genitals while seated.
  • Most of the shower chairs or benches have a steady plastic seat, backrest, and aluminum/ stainless steel legs, while some models are made with a padded vinyl seat and/or backrest.
  • A few of the bariatric benches are designed to fold-up, making them more comfortable for you to store and easily pack when traveling.

Choosing a Bariatric Shower Chair

Here's what you'll want to keep in mind when looking for a bariatric shower chair.

Weight Capacity

This is the most important factor you need to consider. If you or your loved one needs extra support due to obesity, you should get a heavy duty shower chair that is rated for up to 500-700 lb. capacity.


Before choosing a shower chair, you need to make sure that it is strong enough to withstand your weight and is stable on the wet shower floor. You also need to be sure the wide shower chair is stable while bending to wash other parts of your body.


If you have the budget, opt for a heavy-duty shower seat that is cozy for a comfortable shower. Chairs with padded armrests, seat, and back will usually offer more comfort than other shower chairs.


Bariatric shower chairs are available in a variety of sizes. If the user is very obese, choose a heavy-duty shower bench or a large shower chair that will be strong and comfortable.

Wheels or no Wheels?

When it comes to wheels, the shower chair you choose will depend on the user’s mobility. If he/she is unable to move at all, a heavy-duty shower chair with wheels is a great choice because this makes it easier to carry the user to the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bariatric Shower Chairs

Should I purchase a plastic, aluminum, or stainless-steel bariatric shower chair?

All these are great materials for bariatric bath chairs. However, aluminum and stainless-steel shower chairs tend to be at a higher price range when compared to plastic—although they have a longer life.

Who should use bariatric shower chairs?

These are heavy-duty shower chairs designed to provide maximum stability for larger individuals with limited mobility. However, these chairs can also be used by the elderly, disabled, or injured, who need some support while bathing.

Are bariatric shower chairs safe?

When properly used, a bariatric shower bench or chair is completely safe. However, you should always exercise caution when entering and exiting a bathtub or shower, regardless of the use of a bariatric shower bench or not.

Do bariatric shower chairs require assembly?

It depends on the product you choose. Some of the bariatric shower chairs, especially the free-standing models, require little to no assembly while some others tend to require more assembly.

Which bariatric shower chair does AvaCare Medical recommend?

If you're looking for a shower chair with a back, for maximum support, we recommend the ProBasics Shower Chair, which features a back and armrests. If you'd prefer one without a back, for the most ideal showering experience, the Drive Medical Bariatric Bath Bench, with a 500 pound weight capacity and a contoured seat for comfort, is your best bet. (The Drive Medical bench is also available with a back - it's a very good option for a supportive bench, but keep in mind that it doesn't feature armrests.) These are actually our two most popular bariatric shower benches, and for good reason.

AvaCare Medical offers a wide variety of different types of bariatric shower chairs and benches. Whether you are searching for a bariatric shower chair with arms, a heavy-duty shower bench, or a bariatric shower chair with wheels and a back, we have a wide selection to choose from. Check out our collections of bariatric shower chairs today! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and let a trusted member of our care team help you!