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Pediatric Bath Chairs / Toddler Shower Chairs

When it comes to finding bath chairs in the medical field, one thing that needs to be understood is that the elderly aren’t the only ones that need one. Some children also benefit from having a pediatric shower chair. When it comes to little ones, a high-quality toddler shower chair may be imperative for safe bathing. Read more...

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What Materials Are Pediatric Bath Chairs Made of?

While there are numerous types of kid’s shower chairs available in retail stores, medical-grade pediatric chairs are highly durable and will normally outweigh the competition. There are many rules, regulations, and standards in place when it comes to being able to provide support and security for a child – especially if they are handicapped. A shower chair for a disabled child needs to have many more stability features available, such as the head, neck, and even body straps that can be used to keep the child in place. 

Many children find it difficult to sit still, and this is true of children with serious handicaps as well, which is why it is important to have all of the extra security. While much of the materials used in children’s shower chairs are similar to those for anyone else, they also have to be the top-of-the-line when it comes to quality. Bath chairs that are made for kids are often made of the following materials:

  • PVC Plastic for the Frame

PVC plastic is one of the more durable plastics used in the medical and home medical industry. Therefore, it’s important that when bathing your child with a specialized toddler shower chair, you ensure that it has a very sturdy plastic frame you can rely on. While you may have some metal parts (screws, bolts, etc.), the majority of the frames in pediatric bathing equipment isn’t metal for the sake of providing additional safety for your child.

  • Machine-Washable Fabric

Most pediatric shower chairs have polyester fabric for those accidents or messes that may happen. Over time, a child’s shower chair may end up getting soap residue build-up or other debris on it. Therefore, it’s important that the fabric is extremely easy to take off and be washable so the shower chair can be kept sanitary and clean at all times.

  • Velcro Leg Straps

Velcro body restraints or straps are commonly used in the medical industry to help keep the patient in a secure position, making life easier for the caregiver and safer for the user. Velcro is ideal for a shower chair for disabled children, as it can protect them from rolling out (as it happens involuntarily at times). The Velcro used in pediatric bath seats is extremely durable and strong as well, which means they last longer. While it is common for Velcro to be used on a child’s legs, many of the best child-minded shower chairs are actually built so you can move or position the Velcro straps anywhere along the seat (such as for the chest or waste) to provide additional support.

Benefits of Pediatric Bath Chairs Made for Toddlers and Babies

During a child’s newborn and toddler phases, many parents use a regular baby bath or shower tub for bathing. Toddler shower chairs are very special and act as a docking stand for the baby’s tub to rest on securely. They offer numerous benefits, and many of these toddler shower chairs often have wheels that have locking mechanisms so a baby can be moved when necessary, or be made to stand stationary. This makes a pediatric shower chair with wheels the perfect accessory to anyone who has very young children, including those who are not disabled.

Is All Pediatric Bathing Equipment Adjustable?

Fortunately, almost all shower chairs – especially those which are sold here at AvaCare Medical – are completely adjustable when it comes to height, and some of the pediatric bath chairs for disabled children have the ability to recline up and down as well. Most of these shower chairs also have the capability to lay down flat in order to make hard to reach areas while bathing a child easier, making these shower chairs very versatile.

Along with the body straps mentioned earlier that most children’s shower chairs have, many of them also come with a plastic headrest that is also fully adjustable, as well as removable. This allows children to relax and be more comfortable, while still maintaining exceptional support. Many of these shower chairs are great for children that have musculoskeletal disorders such as muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy, just to name a couple.

The height adjustment on medical pediatric bath chairs are a little different than the standard shower chair. The legs swivel forward and up, or straight down to adjust the height of the shower chair. With these swivel legs, it can ensure that the feet are securely in place, and the further out the legs are towards the ends, the lower to the bathtub floor (or shower floor) the chair will end up being. In order to make the chair taller, the legs should be pivoted downward so it is almost perpendicular to the floor.

AvaCare Medical takes extreme pride in being able to protect your young ones with you by supplying the best pediatric bath chair for your home or even your medical provider’s needs. If you’re looking to have the highest quality pediatric shower chair on the market, you can easily count on us to give an exceptional product with a price that you can’t beat (as a matter of fact, if you find it from another authorized U.S. dealer at a lower price, you can check out how our Price Match Guarantee works!). For any questions, comments, or concerns, you can always email us or call us at our toll-free number: 1-877-813-7799 Mondays through Fridays during our working hours!