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Swivel Shower & Bath Chairs / Rotating Shower Chairs

In recent years, more and more seniors and partially handicapped people are choosing to continue living at home for as long as possible. Since many of them still have a reasonable level of mobility, they may opt for a swivel shower chair over many of the other shower stools. Swivel bath chairs have many features that other shower chairs do, but they are more useful because it allows people the freedom of movement while they can stay balanced and still sit as they bathe. Read more...

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Swivel Shower Chair Features

There are many features meant to benefit users and purchasers of a swivel bath chair. Swivel shower stools are widely used by people who have a slight handicap when it comes to standing. Some of the features that make a rotating shower chair the best type of shower stool for avid users are as follows:

  • They Offer the Ability to Rotate

When you buy a swivel shower chair, you’re not limited to space and have the ability to rotate your seat a certain amount of degrees. Some swivel shower stools offer the ability to rotate 180 degrees, while others may allow someone to rotate the seat a full 360 degrees.

  • Swivel Shower Seats Have Non-Slip Surfaces

The surface of swivel shower chairs for elderly people and those with a handicap are unique in that they have a slightly rough finish to them so they can help people avoid slipping. By adding special grains to the finish or molding of a swivel shower seat itself, this helps to make the swivel bath chair much safer than the slippery surface of a bathtub itself, and assists in safe and effective turning.

  • They Are Adjustable

Almost all shower chairs are adjustable, but it’s more important that a shower chair with a swivel seat has the ability to adjust in height. In the medical field, it’s crucial for users to be able to customize the height of the swivel shower bench to find their ideal fit.

  • Rotating Shower Stools Are Extremely Sturdy & Safe

Since a swivel shower chair for disabled people and elderly people are able to rotate, they need to be able to withstand the weight that may bear down on them. Standard handicap shower chairs can hold up to 400 lbs., which makes them a great addition to your bathtub or shower stall. Handicap swivel bath chairs can even benefit you in other areas of the home as they provide an excellent rotating seat that you can sit on comfortably and safely.

  • Swivel Shower Seats Are Able to Lock in Place

Another great feature that many swivel bath chairs have in order to aid you in your home is the locking mechanism, which allows most people to maintain safety when they need to be completely stationary and not face any other direction. This is excellent because you can use a shower stool with a swivel seat to face forward in the shower while washing if needed, but in case you need to grab something, or even get out, you can simply disengage the lock to maneuver your rotating bath seat.

  • Rubber Feet Are Essential to Handicap Swivel Bath Chairs

Another great safety feature is that almost all bath chairs have medical-grade, high-quality feet on them that offer the ability to make them non-slip. Some even have a little bit of suction on their feet in order to help them stay in place better in the tub or shower.

  • Some Swivel Shower Stools Come with Padded Seats

As the title says, some of the seats are soft and cushioned, so it’s not like you’re sitting on a hard piece of plastic. This helps to increase comfort while adding more functionality, safety, and durability of the seat to make it hard to slip while sitting on it.

What is a Swivel Shower Chair Made Of?

The materials that a rotating shower chair is equally as important as the type of features that are on it. AvaCare Medical’s rotating bath chair selection features only those swivel shower benches that are made of high-quality PVC plastic. Some models also have aluminum legs for added security and strength. 

Some swivel bath seats for the elderly are made only of high-quality PVC plastic. While they may not have the heavy-duty aluminum, they are still able to withstand weights higher than 300 lbs. in most applications. 

Who Can Benefit the Most from a Swivel Shower Chair?

There are many people who can benefit from a swivel shower chair. A swivel shower seat is simply meant to be a rotating shower stool in most cases, as compared to a standard shower chair. Not everybody suffers from limited balance, and such people can enjoy the relief of sitting on a shower chair with a swivel seat that promotes mobility and ease of use.

However, a contraindication for use would be if the user has extremely limited mobility and has trouble maintaining complete balance or getting up and down from a swivel shower chair for disabled people. If proper support is necessary for yourself or your loved one, you may be able to find a good shower chair with a backrest or even one with armrests for your needs.


If you are looking for the right swivel shower chair for your needs, and are someone who has a little bit of limited mobility, nearly everyone, especially the elderly and handicapped can benefit from one. By choosing from the wide selection that AvaCare Medical offers, you can guarantee that you are getting a great hospital-grade swivel rotating shower chair that can help you get in and out of the tub, or make it much easier just to wash up while having everything in reach. End your search today by simply browsing on the AvaCare Medical website to find the swivel shower bench or any other product you are looking for, add it to your cart, and process your shipping & payment methods. We care about you and any concerns that you may have as well, so you can always call completely free in the United States by dialing 1-877-813-7799 or get ahold of us via email anytime!