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Folding Shower Seats / Foldable Shower Chairs

Folding shower chairs can help users prevent life-threatening injuries in the bathroom. These folding shower seats are particularly useful for individuals such as seniors and others with limited mobility who have trouble standing while bathing or showering. The folding shower seats are designed to provide users with a durable and stable chair that can be used in virtually any shower. Read more...

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What is the Difference Between a Folding Shower Chair and a Transfer Bench?

A folding shower chair is a type of shower seat used to help individuals bathe safely. The chair sits entirely inside the bathtub with all four legs inside the tub. They can be folded down when not in use to access the full space of the shower area. By contrast, since a transfer bench is installed to overlap the wall of the bathtub to facilitate transfers, two legs remain are outside of the tub while the other two are inside the bath. 

Transfer benches allow the user to maneuver themselves into the bathtub while they are seated. This enables individuals and seniors with minimal mobility to move comfortably in and out of the tub.

Reasons Why People Buy Foldable Shower Chairs

Access into the bathroom: Most standard bathroom designs are not created with elderly persons or people with limited mobility in mind. A folding shower seat doesn’t need special fittings, and when not in use can be stowed until the next shower session. Moreover, they prove ideal for small bathrooms.

Easy to transport: A folding bathroom chair is perfect for the traveling needs of seniors or anyone with limited mobility. A foldable shower seat has even more utility when used in an unfamiliar environment. Simply fold up the shower chair, place in the back of your car, and off you go!

Infrequent use: Some users might only require a shower chair occasionally. For instance, cold and damp months can create seasonal difficulties for people with arthritis. Others might require a shower chair only during the recovery process after a surgery or medical procedure. In this case, the foldable shower seat is usually the right option, allowing the shower chair to be folded away when not in use.

Types of Folding Shower Chair

Folding Shower Chair with Back

This type of folding shower features a supportive and comfortable backrest for security and safety. The extra support be useful for users who have balance issues or lack upper body strength. Further, for improved storage and transportation, this shower seat will fold easily to a compact size.

Folding Shower Stool Without Back

The folding shower stool has a very compact design that allows secure handling. This folding bath stool can be a suitable option for shared bathrooms where one might need to remove the device altogether when other people require the use of the shower or tub. This folding bath chair features a convenient folding frame, easy to pack and store when not in use.

Choosing a Folding Shower Seat

Quality & Construction

An important feature to consider before buying a folding shower bench or stool is the quality of the material. Even if a certain folding shower seat is lightweight and easy to transport, it should also have sturdy frames and anti-slip legs. Finally, the chair should be roomy enough to allow for self-draining and convenient use.

Weight Capacity

All folding shower benches or stools are not designed to handle the same weight for every user. To be safe, choose a shower seat model that accommodates 250 to 400 lbs. With this range, one wouldn’t have to worry about getting another shower chair should the user’s weight increase.


Generally, foldable shower chairs are portable. Most models come with foldable frames and legs which often allow for easy adjustments and stacking. The portability of folding shower chairs also makes it easier to carry along when traveling.


Portable folding shower chairs for the elderly are usually designed with anti-slip materials to improve the user’s stability. A bathroom is a wet place where increased risk of accidental slips remains a factor. This means users should consider safety features like chair legs designed for wet conditions when comparing foldable bath chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are folding shower seats ADA compliant?

Not all the folding bath chairs are ADA-compliant. Before a folding shower chair can meet ADA requirements, it must be able to hold weight up to 250 pounds. In addition, the seat must be able to fold when not in use and the device’s overall depth should be between 15-16 inches.

How long do portable folding shower seats last?

Folding shower benches and seats designed for use in the bathroom are usually well-made, durable, and suitable for long-term use in a wet space. This means users shouldn’t have issues with quality foldable shower chairs.

How much space does a folding shower chair need?

Most folding shower chairs are portable and can fit into any shower as narrow as 13 inches.


Folding shower seats are among the most popular shower aid products offered by AvaCare Medical. Folding shower chairs models include multiple styles and sizes to match the user’s individual needs. Please check our selection to find the folding shower chair that meets your needs. If you have any questions or need more information about the product, feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives today!