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Bed Aids / Bed Safety for the Elderly

Bed aids for disabled and elderly individuals can help make the bedroom safer and more comfortable. The following categories offer everything you need to ensure bed safety for elderly and disabled loved ones or patients. Read More...

Bed Safety Products

A hospital bed is often necessary for the bedridden, allowing for position changes that increase patient comfort and lower the risk of bed sores. Achieve further pressure sore prevention with the help of a therapeutic, low air-loss mattress designed with your health and comfort in mind. A mattress overlay, otherwise known as a mattress pad, will also provide a level of improved circulation to prevent pressure ulcers.

Besides the actual bed frame and hospital mattress, there are other ways to improve the safety and functionality of your bed. An adult bed rail helps prevent falls and also aids in getting up and off the bed, similar to a trapeze bar. Bed wedges provide support to help you get comfortable when sitting up or lying back in bed. Our variety of medical linen and pillows include many options, such as hospital-size, disposable, reusable and water-proof.

For individuals who spend longer periods in bed, a convenient overbed table will come in handy.

Bedroom Aids

Other bed aids for elderly individuals include clinical stools, foot stools, hip chairs and geri chairs. A hip chair is an elevated seat for those with limited hip flexibility, allowing users to sit without stressing their hip joints. A geri chair, or geriatric chair, is padded and roomy for individuals with low mobility to relax in comfort, and are equipped with wheels to allow caregivers to transport the patient.

For patients with low mobility, you may want to invest in patient lifts and slings. A patient lift is a safe way to move patients from one place to another. A sling attaches to the arm of the lift to support the patient during transfer. Efficient administration of intravenous fluids is made possible with an IV pole, which is designed with a wheeled base for added convenience.

Be sure to visit our bed safety accessories category for great tools such as mattress protectors, privacy screens and bed carts that allow for easy transportation and storage of hospital beds.

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