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Itch Relief

Stop itching and get back to the things that are important to you with this line of creams and ointments for every itch and rash. The AvaCare ePharmacy brings you a full line of hydrocortisone creams, antifungal products, diaper rash and allergy rash relief creams, and much more.

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  1. Benadryl Itch Relief
    Benadryl Itch Relief
    Starting at $6.66
  2. Resinol Itch Relief
    Resinol Itch Relief
    Starting at $15.97
  3. 3M Cavilon Antifungal
    3M Cavilon Antifungal
    Starting at $6.29
  4. Aveeno Anti-Itch Moisturizer
  5. Cortizone-10 Itch Relief
    Cortizone-10 Itch Relief
  6. Major Banophen Itch Relief Cream
  7. Taro Antifungal 1% Strength Cream
  8. CareAll Tolnaftate Antifungal
  9. Major Calamine Itch Relief Lotion
  10. Actavis Anti-Itch Cream
    Actavis Anti-Itch Cream
  11. Lotrimin Antifungal Cream
    Lotrimin Antifungal Cream
  12. Major Antifungal Tolnaftate 1% Cream

Items 1-12 of 62

Set Descending Direction