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AvaCare Medical carries countless oral care products, including Biotene Mouthwash, denture cleaners, dry mouth spray, Orajel and so much more. These products help seniors, adults and children to maintain their oral health.Read More...
Preventive care and maintenance of your teeth and gums can help reduce the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and many other serious oral-related issues. Left untreated, these problems can cause serious infections which can spread to your blood, your brain, and other parts of your body.

Most dentists recommend that adults should come in for a checkup every six months. This helps dentists to pick up on cavities when they’re still moderately sized and relatively easy to fix.

If you need any oral care items after you visit the dentist, or at any other time, for that matter, come visit AvaCare Medical. You’ll find the best denture adhesives, mouthwashes, lip balms, and so many other items, all at reasonable prices.