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Bed Pads / Chux Pads

Bed pads and chux pads are sheets with an absorbent top layer and waterproof backing. These absorbent bed pads are designed to protect bedding, furniture and, in the case of pets, flooring, from getting soiled or damaged. At the same time, chucks pads lock away moisture to prevent urine and other bodily fluids from damaging skin. Read more...

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  1. FitRight Underpads
    FitRight Underpads
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  2. Wings Quilted Positioning Underpad Heavy Absorbency
  3. Covidien Wings Quilted Premium MVP Underpads
    Covidien Wings Quilted Premium MVP Underpads
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  4. Wings Quilted Premium Strength Underpad
    Wings Quilted Premium Strength Underpad
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  5. Covidien Wings Quilted Cloth-Like X-Heavy Underpad
  6. TENA InstaDri Air Underpad
    TENA InstaDri Air Underpad
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  7. Comfort Concepts Underpad
    Comfort Concepts Underpad
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  8. Lew Jan Textile Tricot Underpad w Halo Shield
  9. Durablend Underpad
    Durablend Underpad
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  10. Cardinal Health Simplicity Extra Underpad
    Cardinal Health Simplicity Extra Underpad
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  11. McKesson Ultra Lite Underpad Fluff Core
    McKesson Ultra Lite Underpad Fluff Core
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  12. Dynarex Chux Underpad
    Dynarex Chux Underpad
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Items 1-12 of 122

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Why Are Bed Pads Important?

By preventing the need to replace damaged furniture and consistently rewash bedding, bed pads save a great deal of effort and money and make them a worthwhile investment. For individuals who struggle with incontinence, whether it’s due to aging or a physical or mental condition, nighttime can be very uncomfortable and difficult to handle. With bed pads, many things

Furthermore, users of incontinence products such as bed pans, adult diapers, catheters, and/or urinals may have leakage from time to time, or not be able to make it directly to their target. In such cases, having a bed pad in place can greatly increase the cleanliness of the area that a person is sitting or lying in.

What Are Chux?

Chux are generally used as a final measure of protection when leakage occurs despite the use of wearable incontinence products such as adult diapers and pull ups. The idea for pee pads for humans are similar to the ones many use for pets as a second line of defense for incontinence.  Generally, they are used with bed wetting sheets for best bed protection for incontinence. 

Chux Definition: Chux are bed pads that protect beds and other surfaces from bodily fluids and can be tossed after use. Also known as chucks pads, these terms are often used interchangeably with bed pads, although they primarily refer to disposable pads as opposed to reusable bed pads.

Choosing Bed Pads

In order to choose the best bed underpads, it's important to follow these steps: (1) find absorption level, (2) choose the underpad type, and (3) pick the correct size.

1. Absorption Level of Chux Pads

The first thing you'll need to know is the absorbency level you need your incontinence bed pads to offer - light, moderate, heavy or maximum. This will depend on the volume of output as well as the flow rate. In addition, it is important to consider how often the medical chucks will be changed; if it will be used overnight, be sure to get bed pads for incontinence that are specifically designed for overnight use.

Having the right absorbency level is very important when choosing a bed pad or chuck as well. This is because when it comes to incontinence, there are different levels of moisture control that may be needed. While some people cannot do without super absorbent bed pads, other people would be needlessly spending if they bought these more costly products when they don’t require that level of protection. For this reason, it’s very important to consider what type of leaks (heavy, moderate, light, or dribbles) you are dealing with before selecting a product.

The absorption level of bed chucks is based on the type of filling used, as well as the amount and concentration of the absorbent filling. Therefore, a larger soaker pad does not necessarily mean better absorption. If the bed chucks pads you are using do not meet your absorption needs, avoid doubling up incontinence underpads; for effective results, choose bed pads for bed wetting with a higher absorbency level.

The following are the types of fillings bed pads are generally made with:

  • Fluff: Chux filled with fluff offer the lightest level of protection
  • Polymer: Polymer fillings are super absorbent and offer moderate to super absorbency
  • Polymer & Fluff: When polymer and fluff fillings are combined, the chucks pads provide moderate to super absorbency as well as a softer feel for improved user comfort

Chux underpads with a light level of absorbency may be ideal for pets or as a simple bed protector since they are made to contain less liquid and a slower flow rate. Moderate absorbency, on the other hand, is for heavier absorbency needs and may be sufficient for adults who are changed regularly. Heavy, super or maximum absorbency levels are for overnight use and for adults with full bladder loss making them the best incontinence bed pads.

2. Chux Pad Type

The next thing you'll need to consider is the type of waterproof medical bed pad you're looking for.

Disposable vs. Reusable

Underpads are available in both disposable and reusable varieties. Some people prefer the disposable bed pads, often referred to as chux pads, because of their convenience. Others like to use washable or reusable bed pads, whether it’s because they want to save money or the environment. Most washable bed pads can be washed well over 100 times without losing their effectiveness.

Backsheet Type

The backsheet of the pad is an important consideration. You can choose a plastic, breathable or air permeable backing. You may also want to consider cloth-like bed pee pads, which offer better comfort.

  • Plastic: Underpads with plastic backing are ideal for temporary purposes such as changing pads
  • Breathable: Breathable backsheets keep skin dry to prevent irritation and breakdown and are recommended for extended use
  • Air Permeable: These pads are breathable and offer maximum dryness for damaged skin. Air permeable chux pads are generally used together with pressure relief systems to help treat or prevent pressure sores for individuals with sensitive skin or other pressure sore risk factors.

Other features to consider include flaps that hold the chucks bed pad in place for individuals who move a lot during their sleep, as well as heavy duty backing for re-positioning purposes. Stronger backing helps avoid tearing and skin shearing.

3. Size

When purchasing incontinence pads, there are a variety of sizes available so you can find the perfect chux for anywhere: your bed, chairs, wheelchair or your pet’s litter box. Keep in mind that bed wetting pads should have 6" – 10" of extra space on either side of the body for proper coverage.


For more information on choosing the perfect bed chucks for your needs, check out our helpful chux buying guide. If you’re still unsure, however, make the most of our free samples program and order some chux pad samples today.

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