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Disposable Changing Pads / Waterproof Pads for Babies

Disposable changing pads are one of those essentials that every smart mom appreciates. They allow mothers to change the baby on a clean, sanitary surface. They can be used anywhere; spread the waterproof pad for babies on a couch, car seat, bed, or even in a public bathroom, and change your child in a cinch. Read more...

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  1. Dignity Quilted Chair and Bed Underpad
  2. Simplicity Fluff Underpad
    Simplicity Fluff Underpad
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  3. Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpads
    Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpads
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  4. UltraSorbs AP Underpads
    UltraSorbs AP Underpads
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  5. TENA Underpad
    TENA Underpad
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  6. ProCare Underpad, Fluff Absorbency 21" x 34"
  7. FitRight Underpads
    FitRight Underpads
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  8. Wings Quilted Positioning Underpad Heavy Absorbency
  9. Covidien Wings Quilted Premium MVP Underpads
    Covidien Wings Quilted Premium MVP Underpads
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  10. Wings Quilted Premium Strength Underpad
    Wings Quilted Premium Strength Underpad
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  11. Covidien Wings Quilted Cloth-Like X-Heavy Underpad
  12. TENA InstaDri Air Underpad
    TENA InstaDri Air Underpad
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Items 1-12 of 119

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Waterproof Pads for Babies: Multi-Purpose Baby Products

Waterproof pads for babies are not only disposable changing pads; practical moms have discovered several other uses for these pads.

Disposable baby changing pads can be placed on any surface. Spread it out on the baby’s crib or play mat to catch spit up, or use it on its own as a playmat - lay it on the floor and put your baby on it with a toy. You can also use as a baby bed mat it to line the baby’s crib or carriage in case of leaks, or as a changing table liner or a disposable changing pad cover. 

Disposable waterproof pads for babies are one of the most functional and practical baby products you can find. Although designed for use as disposable changing pads, these have many other purposes to boast of.

Disposable Baby Pads for Sanitary Purposes

When in a public restroom, instead of changing your baby directly on the changing table, you can place a disposable changing pad liner underneath the infant to prevent cross-contamination.

Disposable baby pads don’t have any build-up of bacteria and germs. They’re only used once, so they’re less malodorous and more sanitary and hygienic than reusable ones. 

Convenient Baby Pee Pads

Disposable baby pee pads are very convenient. They’re less thick than reusable ones, so you can pack a few of them and have enough to last even if one or two get soiled. 

Bring disposable baby chux along to a friend’s house, or use one for diaper changes at grandma’s, and trash it after use. There’s no need to shlep it home with you. Baby bed pads are easy to work with; no laundering is required! They only make life easier.

Great for Travel

For all the aforementioned reasons, baby pee pads are great for travel! They’re lightweight, sanitary, and just easy. Use them in a public place without worrying about the bottom getting germy or dirty. These baby waterproof sheets are a lifesaver for all moms, but especially for those who like to travel.

Various Sizes

Disposable changing pads come in varying sizes, to suit any standard specification. What will you be using the changing pad for? Depending on whether you’ll need it for a changing pad, a crib liner, or anything else, you can choose the size that will fit your needs. 

Great for At-Home Use

Change baby anywhere in the house with disposable changing pads. If you have a changing table, you can even use these disposable changing pads over it to keep it clean! Since these pads are waterproof, they can be used to line a child’s mattress to prevent it from becoming soiled.

Changing pads can get soiled, and moms are not always able to wash the pad immediately. Using disposable changing pads means that if the baby bed pad becomes dirty, there’s no need to hurriedly wash and dry it, all the while hoping baby won’t need it before it’s ready for use again; just toss it in the trash. 

Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats

Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats are the best baby waterproof mats to line your baby’s sleeping spot with. They’re soft, don’t crinkle, and have adhesive strips on the back that keep them in place. The super-absorbent core of these baby bed pads locks in moisture and prevents it from getting on the sheet. If a child is experiencing nighttime wetting, GoodNites bed mats are a simple way to reduce your laundry load and ease frustrations.

Well-Priced Baby Underpads

Since disposable changing pads are designed for single use, there’s no reason to splurge on expensive ones. You can get affordable baby underpads for about 10 cents each at AvaCare Medical, and those will prevent your little one from cross-contamination in public places, and keep things neat and clean at home just as well as the more expensive ones will. 

Whether you plan on using these portable changing pads while traveling, as changing table liners, or to prevent your child’s bedding from becoming soiled, you’re sure to appreciate how practical these disposable baby changing pads are! They’re a definite diaper bag essential.

Now’s the time to make life easier by getting these baby pads! Keep things simpler than ever with disposable changing pads.