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Disposable Bed Pads / Chucks & Disposable Underpads

Disposable bed pads for adults are the most convenient kind of waterproof bed pads. Not only do they provide quick and easy cleanup, disposable underpads are generally more effective at protecting your furniture, bedding and flooring. Read more...

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  1. Protection Plus Polymer Underpads
    Protection Plus Polymer Underpads
    Starting at $41.73
  2. Cardinal Health Disposable Underpad, Max Absorbency
  3. McKesson Underpads Ultra
    McKesson Underpads Ultra
    Starting at $3.86
  4. McKesson Underpads Regular
    McKesson Underpads Regular
    Starting at $2.51
  5. Medline Polymer Underpads
    Medline Polymer Underpads
    Starting at $4.69
  6. Simplicity Fluff Underpad
    Simplicity Fluff Underpad
    Starting at $0.19
  7. UltraSorbs AP Underpads
    UltraSorbs AP Underpads
    Starting at $22.83
  8. Tranquility Heavy Duty Underpad 30" x 36"
    Tranquility Heavy Duty Underpad 30" x 36"
    Starting at $14.54
  9. FitRight Underpads
    FitRight Underpads
    Starting at $49.80
  10. Wings Quilted Positioning Underpad Heavy Absorbency
  11. Covidien Wings Quilted Premium MVP Underpads
    Covidien Wings Quilted Premium MVP Underpads
    Starting at $22.50
  12. Wings Quilted Premium Strength Underpad
    Wings Quilted Premium Strength Underpad
    Starting at $27.34

Items 1-12 of 78

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Why Choose Disposable Underpads?

Disposable underpads are more convenient than reusable ones. They can be disposed of after use, so they don’t require laundering. Disposable chucks pads often contain odor control properties which reduce bad smells. The quick drying technologies are also very practical and prevent skin rashes and the like. 

Disposable bed pads have many names; some call them disposable chucks pads or chux (another word for bed pads), and others refer to them as blue chucks pads or blue pads for beds, since disposable bed pads - especially those in the hospital - are often designed with blue backing. They are also known as disposable bed mats or underpads. All of these terms are used interchangeably.

Disposable bed mats can be used to protect your linen, mattress, flooring, and even furniture from getting soiled, wet or damaged. 

Bedding and mattresses can become stained or ruined irreparably from bodily fluids, but thankfully, this situation can be avoided by putting a disposable underpad on your bed. Doing so is very important if you want everything to stay clean and dry throughout the night. 

When disposable bed pads for adults are not used, and urine leaks occur, they can result in bedsores, skin rashes or other dermatological issues. These skin problems can be very itchy and uncomfortable.

Since accidents can occur anywhere, disposable incontinence bed pads are not only for beds; they can also be used to protect your sofa, geri chair, or any other surface in your home or yard. They will keep the furniture in your home clean and usable.

When covering your sheet or any other surface with a disposable underpad, make sure the absorbent side is facing upward, and the waterproof side is facing downward.

For the most protection from leakage, it is advised to use several incontinence products simultaneously. Aside from using a disposable bed wetting pad, one can also utilize adult diapers, mattress protectors, and diaper guards to best contain any and all urine leaks.

When looking for disposable underpads, there are four main factors to keep in mind.

1. Absorption

Disposable underpads differ immensely in absorption capacity (the amount of liquid a bed pad can hold). There are actually four standard levels of absorbency which most disposable underpads can be divided into. 


Light amount of urine or infrequent leaks


Moderate amount of urine or continuous leakage


Large amount of urine and/or fecal incontinence


Maximum / Overnight

Very large amount of urine and/or fecal incontinence


The more absorbent a bed pad is, the more liquid it can hold. When choosing disposable chux pads, check the product’s amount of absorbency, and make sure it’s the level you require. 

Take note that although the aforementioned levels of absorbency are the standard amounts, products from different brands won’t always have the exact same level of absorbency even if they’re officially the same level. 

2. Back Sheet Material 

The back sheet is the most important part of the disposable bed pad. It’s the part that determines the comfort, breathability and the absorbancy capacity of the bed pad. Therefore, finding out which material the back sheet is comprised of is important; it’ll help you decide if this bed sheet is the one for you. Some back sheet fabrics are air-permeable, and others are non-woven. Choose the disposable waterproof bed pads that you think will be most comfortable for you.

3. Size

Due to the fact that they can be used on so many different surfaces, disposable incontinence bed pads come in various sizes. There are chux for chairs, couches, beds, and car seats. When choosing disposable chux, keep in mind the surface that you plan to place it on, and see which bed pad makes the most sense to purchase, sizewise. Here are some quick stats about common blue chucks pad sizes and what they’re best used for.

16" x 16”- Ideal for protecting chairs, couches, car seats or wheelchair seats

24” x 17”- Use for a child who is bedwetting, for changing a baby on, or as a training pad for pets

23” x 36”- On the smaller side but can be used for adults

30” x 36”- These are the standard size for disposable bed pads for adults

34” x 52”- Bed pads around this size are large enough for tall or large sized people 

36” x 72”- The largest bed pads are often used for queen or king beds to ensure coverage throughout the night

4. Price 

Price is often what determines quality. Therefore, unless there’s no other option (or you don’t mind taking the risk), it’s best to choose a bed pad that isn’t too cheap. Very cheap disposable bed pads often turn out to be flimsy and thin, and don’t contain liquid well enough. They can sometimes be okay for very light incontinence but should be avoided for other types of incontinence. 

Purchasing disposable bed pads in bulk can be more cost efficient than buying small packs of them, and is, therefore, a great way to save on disposable waterproof bed pads.

AvaCare Medical carries a full selection of disposable bed pads for adults, as well as hospital bed pads; disposable and reusable. Whether you’re looking for disposable bedwetting pads for yourself or a loved one, or you’re looking for hundreds of blue pads, for beds in a hospital or nursing home, your search for blue chux or disposable chucks pads of any other color ends here!

Find the best disposable chucks pads quickly and easily on our site.