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Hospital Bed Pads / Hospital Chucks

Hospital bed pads for incontinence, aka hospital chucks or hospital pads, are used in healthcare facilities and hospitals for patients with incontinence. These bed pads prevent damage from occurring to the hospital bed, and the floor near the bed. Some people refer to these hospital bed chucks as blue hospital pads, due to their color. Read more...

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  1. Protection Plus Polymer Underpads
    Protection Plus Polymer Underpads
    Starting at $41.73
  2. Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpads
    Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpads
    Starting at $7.04
  3. Medline Fluff Underpads
    Medline Fluff Underpads
    Starting at $4.88
  4. ExtraSorbs DryPads
    ExtraSorbs DryPads
    Starting at $8.51
  5. ExtraSorbs Extra Strong DryPads
    ExtraSorbs Extra Strong DryPads
    Starting at $80.44
  6. Cardinal Health Washable Bed Pads
    Cardinal Health Washable Bed Pads
    Starting at $3.58
  7. Cardinal Health Disposable Underpad, Max Absorbency
  8. McKesson Underpads Ultra
    McKesson Underpads Ultra
    Starting at $3.86
  9. Medline Polymer Underpads
    Medline Polymer Underpads
    Starting at $4.69
  10. McKesson Underpads Regular
    McKesson Underpads Regular
    Starting at $2.51
  11. Priva Reusable Underpad 34" x 52"
  12. Simplicity Fluff Underpad
    Simplicity Fluff Underpad
    Starting at $0.19

Items 1-12 of 119

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Hospital incontinence pads prevent healthcare professionals from having to change patients’ linen multiple times each night. Instead of stripping the sheets, all that’s needed is to remove the pad and replace it with a fresh one. This makes the job much easier for caregivers.

Bed pads for hospital beds can also be used by individuals at home, for their own bed. They offer the same benefit: If the person wakes up in the middle of the night, instead of changing the linen, he can just switch the pad, and go back to sleep.

There are two types of hospital bed pads; reusable, and disposable. Reusable hospital bed pads are more cost-efficient, since they can be used over and over again. These washable bed pads stay in place better and are less likely to tear. 

Disposable hospital pads are designed for one time use. They require no laundering; after a disposable hospital incontinence pad has been used, it can be chucked into the trash. 

Although washable hospital bed pads are more economical and usually of better quality, if you’re looking for an easy, temporary solution, disposable hospital grade bed pads may be your answer.

Hospital chucks can vary in size and absorbency capacity. Different hospitals won’t necessarily have the same exact same hospital bed liners for all their patients. 

Hospitals often purchase either reusable or disposable bed pads in bulk, to save on the cost. Popular options of hospital bed pads which can be purchased in bulk include the following: 

  • Protection Plus Polymer Underpads
  • Sofnit Reusable Underpads
  • Triumph Reusable Underpads
  • ExtraSorbs DryPads
  • ExtraSorbs Extra Strong DryPads
  • Protection Plus Underpads
  • Medline Fluff Underpads

The aforementioned products are all affordable, high quality and used in hundreds of hospitals across the US. 

If you’re looking for hospital pads, whether for a loved one, patient or a healthcare facility, AvaCare Medical has what you need. Check out our full selection today! And, if you’re not sure which hospital bed liners will be best, call us at 1.877.813.7799, and our competent and friendly customer care reps will be happy to assist you.