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Showerhead with Hose / Hand Held Shower

Replace your fixed showerhead with a hand held shower (a showerhead with hose) to conserve water, keep your shower cleaner and make showering safe and accessible for those with injury or other physical limitations. Read More...

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  1. McKesson Handheld Shower Head with Diverter
    McKesson Handheld Shower Head with Diverter
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  2. Carex Handheld Shower Spray
  3. Deluxe Handheld Shower Massager
  4. Handheld Shower Head
    Handheld Shower Head
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  5. Handheld Shower Head Spray Massager
  6. Handheld Shower Head Spray with Diverter Valve
  7. Merits Handheld Shower Spray
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  8. Deluxe Hand Held Shower Head
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  9. Carex Handheld Shower
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  10. Hand Held Shower with Diverter Valve
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  11. Everyday Hand Held Shower Head
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11 Items

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For individuals with limited mobility, a hand shower provides more independence, as the flexibility allows for effective cleaning while seated. In addition, caregivers will find that hand held shower hoses are a convenient tool for bathing patients easily, enabling them to direct the water to where it’s needed.

Most handheld showers are easy to install, with a diverter valve that allows the water to flow from the original shower head with a simple flick of a switch. They are also generally equipped with a wall bracket for anchoring the handheld shower spray when not in use.

When choosing a hand held shower, be sure to choose a shower head and hose that is long enough to provide sufficient mobility, such as an 80” hose. Other options to consider include the material of the shower hose and head, as well as whether it has an option for multiple spray settings (for firm, fine or pulsating options).

Another feature you may want to look for is tool-free, damage free installation, such as suction lock wall brackets. There are many other options unique to each option, so look around to find something that suits your individual preferences.

At AvaCare Medical, we care for all your medical supply and equipment needs. If you’re having a hard time finding the best handheld shower head, give us a call and we’ll have your needs met in no time.