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Compression Bandages / Adhesive & Tubular Dressings

Cover, protect and treat wounds with adhesive bandages, compression bandages and more. While adhesive bandages such as the original Band-Aids are used to protect minor wounds, others can be used to provide support or restrict movement of a body part, or to hold wound dressings in place. Read More...

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  1. CURAD Food Service Adhesive Fabric Bandages, 3/4" x 3" Blue, Case of 1200
  2. McKesson Silicone Sheer Adhesive Strip Bandages Sterile
  3. Band-Aid Bandages
    Band-Aid Bandages
    Starting at $5.33
  4. McKesson Elastic Bandage Dual Hook and Loop Closure NonSterile
  5. First Aid Adhesive Clear Sterile Bandage
    First Aid Adhesive Clear Sterile Bandage
    Starting at $5.86
  6. Dukal Bandage Roll
    Dukal Bandage Roll
    Starting at $4.91
  7. Dukal Conforming Stretch Gauze Non Sterile
    Dukal Conforming Stretch Gauze Non Sterile
    Starting at $2.48
  8. McKesson Elastic Bandage Knit/Woven Blend
    McKesson Elastic Bandage Knit/Woven Blend
    Starting at $0.88
  9. CoFlex·LF2 Cohesive Bandage
    CoFlex·LF2 Cohesive Bandage
    Starting at $75.24
  10. Co-Flex·Med Cohesive Bandage
    Co-Flex·Med Cohesive Bandage
    Starting at $38.85
  11. American White Cross Metal Detectable Adhesive Strip
  12. Dukal Cohesive Bandage Non Sterile
    Dukal Cohesive Bandage Non Sterile
    Starting at $49.12

Items 1-12 of 294

Set Descending Direction

A compression bandage is an elastic bandage designed to reduce pain and swelling after a limb is strained or sprained. This is done by creating even, localized pressure on the tissue surrounding the injury to restrict the blood flow to the area. Healthcare professionals may use compression bandages when treating bone fractures. There are other uses for elastic bandages, also called Ace bandages, such as holding bandages or hot and cold packs on an injury.

The Unna boot dressing, named after a dermatologist named Paul Gerson Unna (1850-1929), is another type of compression dressing used either to treat venous stasis ulcers and other leg venous insufficiencies, or as a support bandage for lower leg strains and sprains. Many use Unna boots for edema and sore treatment, and in general, wounds with low to moderate exudate. This specialized gauze bandage is impregnated with a thick layer of cream that promotes healing. Unna boot wraps contain zinc, which eases skin irritation and helps keeps the area moist, making this product ideal for healing burns and ulcers. You may also want to consider an Unna boot with calamine, which can reduce pain, itching and irritation in the area of the wound.

For minor cuts and wounds, an adhesive bandage can be useful to apply wound dressings as well as stop the flow of blood and other bodily fluids. We also carry bandages with child-friendly prints, such as Sesame Street characters, to turn those little frowns upside-down.

A tubular bandage has a circular weave and is applied with an applicator. Also known as a tube bandage, these bandages hold bandages and splints in place, provide support to sprained limbs, and inhibit bleeding.

Another medical bandage option are conforming bandages, which have a one way stretch with memory, also known as stretch memory, designed to accommodate swelling.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your options, please give us a call and we’ll be glad to assist you with your purchase.