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Adhesive Bandages in Assorted Sizes

Browse the full selection of non-sterile and sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes and shapes on AvaCare Medical now. These bandages are used to cover small cuts, burns or bruises that are not very deep. They shield the sensitive area so that bacteria and dirt don’t enter it and cause infection. They also prevent friction, and reduce the likelihood of reinjury. Choose from extra-large bandages, square bandages, round bandages, small adhesive bandages, and many other options. Read More...

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Adhesive bandages are comparable to band-aids - they have a pad in the center that covers the wound, and an adhesive backing so that they cling to the area and keep it protected. Individually wrapped self-adhesive sterile dressings and bandages have the added benefit of sterility; they keep the wound more safe from bacteria. Sterile adhesive bandages come in assorted sizes; one option of these bandages would be the ReliaMed Sterile Gauze Border Dressing. This adhesive bandage collection includes both sterile and non-sterile adhesive wound dressings. 

Uses for Different Shaped Adhesive Bandages

Adhesive bandages come in many different sizes and shapes. This allows a user to find the right one that fits his wound or cut. If a bandage is not the right size or shape, it won’t fit the area properly, and therefore the wound may not heal as well. Here are some popular sizes of adhesive bandages. 

Extra Large Bandages

2 x 3 and 2 x 4 bandages are both considered extra large adhesive bandages. These bandages are ideal for use on knees and elbows - think knee scrapes and big elbow boo boos from monkey bars or scooters. Extra large adhesive bandages are a must-have for anyone with lively children around. They can also be used for road rash or rug burn. 

Shop These Choices Now!

  • ReliaMed Sterile Border Gauze Dressing
  • McKesson Sterile Adhesive

Long Adhesive Bandages

Long adhesive bandages are most commonly 1 x 4 inches, but really, any bandage that is much longer than it is wide can be considered a long adhesive bandage. Some bandages, such as 4 x 8 adhesive bandages and 6 x 6 adhesive bandages are both long and wide. 

Round Bandages

Round bandages are usually small-sized. They can be used over an area that was inoculated, or over a small scrape, an insect bite, or a cut. They are good for small areas, such as a finger or palm, and are especially suited for children. 

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  • McKesson Adhesive 1" Spot Bandage
  • Dukal Adhesive Spot Designer Bandage

Square Adhesive Bandages

Square adhesive bandages, such as 4x4 adhesive bandages and 6 x 6 adhesive bandages, are popular options for protecting cuts and abrasions. Square adhesive bandages are available from several different brands including Cosmopor, McKesson, and ReliaMed. 

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  • Cosmopor Adhesive
  • McKesson Sterile Adhesive

Small Adhesive Bandages

Small adhesive bandages can be used for bruises, cuts, or even paper cuts. 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 adhesive bandages are common choices for people looking for small adhesive bandages. 

How Long to Cover Your Cut For

A bandage for a minor cut can be removed after a day. This is because regular small wounds will close up within 24 hours. If a cut is still bleeding 10 minutes after the injury occurred, it is already time to seek medical intervention, since what’s needed in this case is not usually merely a band-aid. Keeping a cut covered with the same bandage for more than two days at a time is not recommended. 

Did You Know? In England, an adhesive bandage is oftentimes referred to as plaster. 

Help That Cut Heal

Did you get a small cut? Here are some easy tips you can try in order to help it heal. Firstly, be sure to wash the area with clean water. Then put on some antibiotic such as bacitracin. Next, use an adhesive bandage to cover the wound and keep it protected. Be sure to take off the band-aid after 24 hours. If you notice the cut is infected or the area is swollen, reach out to your doctor for medical assistance. 

Which Conditions Can Cause Cuts or Prolonged Bleeding?

We all know that sometimes, bruises can occur. There isn’t that much that can be done to prevent bruises from occurring; simply being active and productive will often cause inevitable nips and pricks. Whether it occurred while cooking in the kitchen, while playing outside or in the middle of cleaning your home, having such things happen is very normal. However, aside from those everyday cuts and scrapes, there are also certain conditions that can be the cause of such things. 

Von Willebrand Disease

A von Willebrand factor deficiency makes it that the person’s platelets don’t clot as well, and this causes bruises to bleed for longer. One of the symptoms of this condition is easy bruising, and another is prolonged bleeding after injury. 

Hemophilia A

This genetic bleeding disorder occurs when the individual has low levels of proteins related to clotting, and spontaneous bleeding, as well as easy bruising and nosebleeds, can occur as a result of this disorder. 

Hemophilia B

Hemophilia B is an inherited disease that was actually extremely prevalent among European royalty. Queen Victoria of England, of whom the Victorian era is named after, was a carrier, and passed it onto several of her children, who passed it onto their offspring. Also termed Christmas disease, Hemophilia B causes improper blood clotting, which results in prolonged bleeding, lots of bruising, internal bleeding which pools in the joints, and several other symptoms.


Find adhesive bandages on AvaCare Medical now! Choose from sterile adhesive dressings and bandages in assorted sizes, shapes and colors, and pick from regular round, long, and square adhesive bandages. Of course, as you’ve learned, we carry many other size bandages as well - be it a big adhesive bandage, an extra large adhesive wound dressing, or a small one, if it’s a standard bandage size, we definitely have it, and if not, we may carry it nevertheless! Browse our selection now to see if we have the bandages you’re trying to find.