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Handicap Bathroom Accessories

Improve the safety and convenience of your bathroom with our selection of handicap bathroom accessories.

We offer great bath and shower accessories for the elderly such as non slip bath mats, which can help reduce the risk of falls in the tub, a common concern for many. You can also find other accessories such as a toilet stool, bath step and more in the selection below.

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  1. Rubber Bath Mat,White
    Rubber Bath Mat,White
  2. Carex Anti-Slip Bathtub Mat
  3. Enablers Tub/Stair Safety Treads 3/4" x 10"
  4. Nova-Ortho Bath Safety Mat
    Nova-Ortho Bath Safety Mat
  5. Pail Lid for R6358-SP Shower Chair
  6. Left Wheel Lock for Mariner Chair
  7. Right Wheel Lock for Mariner Chair
  8. Replacement Arm for Shower Chair
  9. Arm Latch w/ Hardware Right Arm
  10. Replacement Casters for Shower Chair
  11. No-Skid Cushioned Bath Mat w/ Holes
  12. No-Skid Cushioned Bath Mat
    No-Skid Cushioned Bath Mat

Items 1-12 of 27

Set Descending Direction