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Gauze Pads / Kerlix / Telfa Dressings

Whether you need gauze pads, wraps, rolls or sponges, we carry all your gauze dressing needs.

Medical gauze, available in both sterile and non-sterile options, is great for wound dressing. Some other important features to look out for include woven vs non-woven gauze, as well as non-adherent dressings, which are designed with a film that prevents the gauze pads from sticking to the wound. Read More...

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Gauze wraps and pads come in many different forms, including Kerlix gauze, Telfa pads, iodoform gauze and packing strips and more. The following options are important to keep in mind when looking for any type of gauze pads, whether you need sterile gauze or not:

Woven gauze is a popular and cost-effective gauze choice that contains multiple layers of woven cotton. Woven gauze is recommended for use as a secondary dressing, rather than as a primary dressing, especially for heavy drainage wounds, since removal can be painful and damaging to the wound site.

Non-woven gauze, on the other hand, generally serves as a non-stick gauze. Because the synthetic material leaves no residue behind, removal is more comfortable. Some non-woven dressings are made with a weave-like pattern that prevents drainage pooling and allows exudate to pass through to a secondary dressing.

Impregnated gauze dressings such as petrolatum gauze provide a moist healing environment to expedite healing and kill bacteria.

When purchasing medical gauze, be sure to check the dimensions to ensure that the product you choose is large enough to cover the wound properly. This is especially important if sterility is necessary, since this can help you avoid the need to cut the gauze to size.

Note: If you’re looking for gauze bandages, check out our Bandages category for more options.

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