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Conforming Bandages / Conforming Stretch Bandages

Conforming bandages conform and mold to the shape of the body area that they are being applied to. Their flexible, slightly stretchy makeup allows them to contour perfectly to the wound site. Conforming stretch bandages are ideal for joint areas, although they can be used elsewhere, as well. Choose from our large selection of cotton conforming bandages, elastic conforming bandages, and many other conforming bandage choices. Shop conforming stretch bandages now! Read More...

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  1. Dukal Conforming Stretch Gauze Non Sterile
    Dukal Conforming Stretch Gauze Non Sterile
    Starting at $2.48
  2. Dukal Conforming Stretch Gauze Sterile 4" x 4.1 Yds, 12 per Bag
  3. McKesson Conforming Bandage Sterile
    McKesson Conforming Bandage Sterile
    Starting at $0.19
  4. McKesson Conforming Bandage Non Sterile
    McKesson Conforming Bandage Non Sterile
    Starting at $0.32
  5. Peha-haft Latex Free Cohesive Conforming Bandage
  6. Conco Conforming Bandage
    Conco Conforming Bandage
    Starting at $0.54
  7. Flexicon Conforming Bandage
    Flexicon Conforming Bandage
    Starting at $0.70
  8. Flexicon Clean Wrap Conforming Bandage
    Flexicon Clean Wrap Conforming Bandage
    Starting at $0.86
  9. Dynarex Conforming  Stretch Gauze Bandage Sterile
  10. Dermacea Stretch Bandage Roll
    Dermacea Stretch Bandage Roll
    Starting at $0.38
  11. Dermacea Conforming Bandage
    Dermacea Conforming Bandage
    Starting at $1.39
  12. Curity Conforming Bandage
    Curity Conforming Bandage
    Starting at $0.80

Items 1-12 of 26

Set Descending Direction

These bandages are ideal for use on joint areas, since their flexible makeup allows them to continually stretch and contour to the area and simultaneously provide the wearer with more freedom of motion than any other kind of bandage will provide. 

Conforming bandage are used as either primary or secondary bandages: As primary bandages, they can be used directly over the wound. Alternatively, as secondary dressings, they can be used over gauze or another type of dressing. These bandages are great for securing primary dressings in place. 

Benefits of Conforming Bandages

Conforming bandages offer several advantages over other kinds of wound care bandages. Some of these benefits are exclusive to conforming bandages, while some are not, but you can experience all the advantages simultaneously by choosing a conforming bandage! Here are some perquisites that conforming bandages have to offer. 


These bandages feature the perfect fusion of stretch and durability. Most conforming bandages offer a solid amount of stretch in one direction, and a subtle, slight stretch in the transverse direction. This ensures the perfect balance of stretch and strength. 

Precise Fit

The aforementioned optimal balance is what makes the conforming stretch bandage fit so precisely. The perfect contouring allows for the ultimate level of wound protection. At the same time, it keeps the primary dressing snugly in place. 

Size Options

Conforming bandages are available in an array of sizes. There are 2 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch wide conforming bandages, as well as other size options, too. Depending on where the wound is located, and how large it is, you can choose an appropriately sized type of conforming bandage. 

Better Adherence

A conforming bandage adheres much better than most other types of bandages. It requires much less tape in order to stay in place. There are even options of cohesive conforming bandages, which are designed to remain in place without the need for adhesives. 


Conforming bandages are well-priced - they aren’t cheaply made, so they don’t cost next to nothing, but honestly, they’re really not quite too expensive. Single use individual options start from under 50 cents. 

Tips for Choosing a Conforming Bandage

Are you interested in purchasing a conforming bandage? Hold it - before you start shopping around for a conforming gauze roll or bandage, here are a few tips to think about. 


If you want a product to last, quality is usually an essential factor. However, when it comes to bandages, quality is even more critical. A bandage that is high quality will be more safe and more conducive for proper wound healing than one that is not. A cheaply made bandage will stick to the wound, and may even disintegrate just a bit, leaving lint lingering in the wound bed. Such particle contamination can be a direct cause of infection. 

To prevent this, get a feel for the product. Read reviews from other customers on it, or stick to brands that you know you can trust. You can also give our customer care team a call, and someone can tell you which conforming bandages are most popular among our customers. 


Not all conforming cotton bandages feature the same level of absorbency. Obviously, the more absorbent the bandage is, the more it will prevent blood or creams from leaking out of the dressing. Therefore, especially if you expect a possibility that the bandage will be used for deep wounds, absorbency would be a factor to take into consideration. 


Breathability is very important. When a bandage is breathable, it allows air to permeate it and reach the skin. This lessens the risk of skin infection, maceration, inflammation, and other negative reactions of the dermis and/or epidermis. 


Sterility is most crucial when the bandage will be used as a primary conform wound dressing. This is not very common; generally, conforming bandages are used as secondary dressings. However, if you’re interested in a conforming bandage for a primary dressing, be sure it is sterile, since it will be in direct contact with the wound. A sterile conforming stretch gauze bandage roll is an option for a primary wound dressing. 

Conforming Bandage Uses

There are several instances when using an elastic conforming bandage would be the best option. Conforming bandages can be used to hold almost any dressing in place, but are most suitable for wrapping around a dressing that is in a joint area. If the conforming bandage is sterile, it can be used as a primary bandage. 

A conforming bandage can also be wrapped around a splint, or around a cast to keep it clean and hold it in place. Most conforming bandages offer some compression, so that they can be used together with a dressing to apply pressure to wounds that are still bleeding. For supporting a strain or a sprain, a conforming bandage of a thicker weight can be used. 

Cotton conforming bandages were actually first designed by the Southern Laboratory during World War Two. Browse the curated, yet extensive selection of all types of conforming bandages on AvaCare Medical! Choose from our carefully selected line of quality conforming bandages from reputable medical supplies brands such as McKesson, Dynarex, Curity and other trusted options. 

If you’re not sure which conforming bandage will work best for your needs, give our care team a call! Dial 1.877.813.7799, or send an email to [email protected], and a team member will help you out.


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