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Shower Chairs with Arms

If you’re looking for a shower chair with arms, you should consider getting one that offers the most stability and security to help you balance in the bathroom better. A shower chair with handles can help make showering or bathing easier, and as someone who is older, or even handicapped, you should have the ability to feel comfortable when you shower. Read More...

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Why Are Shower Chairs with Arms Important?

Believe it or not, almost all falls that the elderly or injured suffer happen in the bathroom, and primarily it occurs in the shower because they don’t have a shower seat with arms to help them maintain the proper balance that they need.

A Bath Seat with Arms Can Improve Coordination

As we get older, we are more susceptible to these falls because we take more medicine, which may have unwanted but inevitable side effects. This makes us more vulnerable, and when we lose our balance, even sitting, we are at risk of falling and hurting ourselves more, breaking bones easier, and even causing life-threatening injuries that require surgery more often. Therefore, just by choosing a shower chair with rails on it, we have the extra support to our left and right side so we have less of a chance of hurting ourselves.

Comfort and Convenience in One Package

Another great reason that a shower chair with armrests is important, is simply because it allows you to be a little more comfortable. If you want to rest in the shower, you can simply sit down, put your arms on the arms of your bath seat with arms, and actually have the chance to relax. Should you need to brace yourself (not because of balance but just because you have to grab something within arm's reach), you can feel comfortable also having the extra security of being able to grab a shower chair with rails rather than knowing you need to stand up.

Shower Chairs with Arms vs. Shower Chairs without Arms

If you want the extra support of a shower chair with arms, you have to know that their differences depend mainly on what you need in a bath seat. For example, if you’re wanting all of the extra security that we mentioned above, you’ll want to possibly choose the shower chair with arms over the alternative (one without arms).

Advantages of Shower Chairs with Arms

There are many benefits that come along with having a shower stool with handles. For example:


It may sound silly, but when you’re using a bath chair with arms, you have the added convenience of being able to hang some things like puffballs, washcloths, and even certain shampoo bottles on the handles. Other things you can do are purchase certain hanging compartments like small wire shower racks or baskets and hang those on the arm.

Easier Transfers

In general, chair arms make it easier for those with limited mobility to transfer in and out of the chair. By contrast, patients who are dependent on a caregiver for transfers may do better with a shower chair that either has no arms at all or has arms that are removable. While using a shower chair without arms may necessitate grab bar installation as mentioned below, this is important so that there is one less barrier for the caregiver to contend with when helping patients in and out of the shower.

If you buy a medical shower chair with arms you will often get a product that has rubber grips on it. This makes it that much easier to get in and out of your bath seat. Most of the time, other bath stools can be considered hard to get back to standing, and you often have to have external rails installed in your shower, or attached to the walls so you can easily stand back up or even sit down easier.

Removable Arms

There are those with arms that are fixed, but most of the time, when you buy a shower chair with removable arms, you can essentially get one that can convert to either method of use. Do keep in mind that the more customizable features you’re buying, the more expensive the product may be. Therefore, some people even choose to buy a regular shower chair with rails and just not put the shower handles on.

Disadvantages of Shower Chairs with Arms

Shower chairs without arms to have some pros though, and a shower chair with armrests may not be what you’re looking for. If this is the case, you may want to opt for shower chairs without arms for a couple of reasons.

Potential Barrier to Mobility

For those who have the extra mobility of their body, you may not want to buy a shower bench with arms. The reason for this is that if you are able to turn around freely, the armrests may get in the way, and you may have trouble reaching over them. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, caregivers may have more difficulty easing their patients into the chair if the sides are blocked by armrests.

Some People Have Trouble Sitting in Them

Size is something that is an important factor when you are choosing a shower stool with arms, .so you’ll want to ensure that you are able to fit when it comes to sitting in your shower chair. Arms on the sides may actually make it harder for you to get in and out of if you have a higher body mass, simply because they can be somewhat constricting in order to keep you safe. You shouldn’t ever replace safety with security and comfort though. Getting stuck in a shower seat may be potentially just as dangerous as falling out of one – and struggling to get out of such a situation may lead to falls in and of itself!

Can a Shower Chair with Arms Come without a Backrest?

AvaCare Medical doesn’t carry any shower chairs with arms that don’t have a backrest; however we do carry numerous brands that have the option of leaving off the backrest during assembly.

Is a Shower Chair with Arms Foldable?

Unfortunately, you may have a hard time finding a foldable shower chair with arms. The reason for this is because when you order a shower seat with handles, they often fix to the back and the front legs. Since foldable shower chairs with arms are considered unsafe, we do not carry this item.

Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Shower Chair with Arms

If you are thinking of getting one of these amazing shower seats, you need to ask yourself several questions in order to choose the right brand and product that suits your needs. But don’t stop there - you also want to consider asking your supplier to answer your questions about every bath chair and bench as well:

1. What Do I Need This Bathroom Shower Chair For?

Always consider this to be your primary concern. If you’re looking for a shower stool with arms, you need to know how often you’re going to use it, as well as know whether it is slip-resistant and water-resistant.

2. Do I Need One with a Backrest?

If you do find a shower stool with handles that doesn't have a backrest, the increased mobility (if you're not used to it) may make it easier for you to fall out of your seat. That's why all of our seats have a backrest for your safety.


If you wish to get the most out of your experience using a high-quality, durable and secure product that a shower chair with arms can give you, give us a call! The answers to your questions are literally just a phone call away. Call us toll-free or contact us via our website for your ultimate experience in buying a shower chair with handles.