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Safest Shower Chairs / Best Shower Chairs for Elderly

If you’re looking for the best shower chair for your budget, or simply the safest shower chair you can use, there is one place that you can go. We’re going to explain a little bit about the great things owning a sturdy shower chair can do for you. Read more...

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  1. ProBasics Shower Chair with Back and Arms
    ProBasics Shower Chair with Back and Arms
    Starting at $75.52
  2. Lumex Platinum Collection Bath Seat with Backrest, 22" x 20" x 19", Blue
  3. Carex Adjustable Bath & Shower Seat
    Carex Adjustable Bath & Shower Seat
    Starting at $158.07
  4. Carex Compact Shower Stool
    Carex Compact Shower Stool
    Starting at $39.98
  5. Maddak Rotating Shower Stool
  6. Jobar Swivel Shower Stool
    Jobar Swivel Shower Stool
  7. Diamond Crystal Reclining Shower Chair
  8. Mabis DMI Aluminum Shower Chair
  9. Universal Bath Bench
    Universal Bath Bench
    Starting at $46.86
  10. Rubbermaid Portable Shower Bench
  11. Bariatric Bath Bench without Back
  12. Bariatric Bath Bench
    Bariatric Bath Bench
    Starting at $80.00

Items 1-12 of 18

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What is the Best Shower Chair for Elderly Users?

While many people often visited retailers for the safest shower chairs in the past, recent times have allowed us the ability to easily find a sturdy shower chair online. Not only that, but it is much easier to look for the best shower chair for elderly people and for those who are disabled on the internet. You can simply browse from AvaCare Medical’s large selection, and order them. Once you do that, all you have to do is wait a day or two (see our shipping policy) to have your top rated shower chairs delivered right to your doorstep.

There are ways that you can narrow your selection online when shopping for the best shower chair. By using your internet browser, or even your smartphone or mobile device, you can choose whether or not you want the best shower chair for the elderly, or if you’re wanting to choose the best shower seat, best shower stool, and much more we’ll discuss different types of the best rated shower chairs below).

What Makes the Safest Shower Chair So Safe?

In previous years, finding the best shower chair for seniors were more expensive in the past than they are today. Time and technology have been our best friends in developing multiple safety measures and using minimal tools to make a sturdy shower chair better than ever. Here are some reasons why the safest shower chairs are truly safe for your showering needs:

  • Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

In the past, the rubber that was used for the bases of the best shower stools were pretty basic. Over time, they would wear and were hard to replace. Not only that, but almost all of the best bath chairs that were available in the past had a pretty standard rubber foot on it, similar to walkers and crutches. These days, technology has brought new design patents to give you better options and features, and a more durable rubber for the base of your shower chair, making it more sturdy.

On average, most seniors who have fall injuries every year end up falling around the shower and bathtub (or in it), so it is important to have the best shower seat for elderly people in place to give them that extra support they need.

  • Extra Options Depending on Your Disability

Many of the safest shower chairs on the market have excellent options and amenities built into them, or you can simply order multiple functional parts for them. If you’re looking for the best shower chair for disabled people, you may want to opt for something that provides a backrest and/or armrests. Otherwise, if you want more mobility, you may not want this feature. The best bath chairs also offer a variety of materials (we’ll cover that next) that can make your shower seat even more durable or provide more ease of use. Some options you can choose from is whether or not your shower chair reclines (and has a leg rest), and you can even pick options of having a commode seat attached to it.

  • The Best Shower Benches Are Made with High-Quality Materials

No matter what your material of choice is for the best shower bench, you’ll notice that you have the option to pick a wide variety of materials and styles. If your bath chair is made with all-plastic parts (legs, back, seat, etc.) You’re normally going to get one made of high-quality PVC plastic. Otherwise, you may get one with metal legs, which are usually made with hospital-grade aluminum to give extra support and safety to your shower chair.

  • They Offer Balance and Support for Mobility

Earlier we mentioned that you can get a backrest or hand rests/armrests for your sturdy shower chair. This reason and the fact that many of the best rated shower chairs on the market have legs that extend slightly outside of the seat itself can help to increase balance and support for you. If you’re looking for additional mobility, you can get swiveling chairs, or even sliding swivel chairs. 

  • Perfect for People of Various Heights and Weights

Since the safes shower chairs for the elderly are built with various materials and features, you may need to inspect them to ensure that it can hold your weight. The good news though, is that the best shower seats can easily support anywhere from 250, all the way up to (and sometimes over) 500 pounds. 

Another great thing about the best shower stools is that they are almost always adjustable. Manufacturers know that people come in different heights and weights, and they want to give you every option to enjoy their product for any application.

With the Safest Shower Chairs, You Have Numerous Options

One thing that you may want to consider when it comes to finding the best shower chair, is the type. There are numerous options that you can choose from, and they can leave you looking like a kid in a candy store all over again! You can choose basic shower stools, swivel shower chairs, shower chairs that fold, and the sizes can vary from large shower chairs all the way down to smaller shower seats

Another great thing about the best shower benches is that you can choose a lot of the above-mentioned with the various options we also mentioned earlier to build your own shower experience so you can stay clean and secure at all times.


If you’re looking for the safest shower chairs you can find anywhere in the U.S. (we ship to all 48 of the contiguous states in America), you can count on AvaCare Medical to provide the best rated shower chairs on the market with the top-rated brand names available in the medical shower chair industry today. If you have concerns or questions, You can always reach us with our online support chat or call during our business hours listed at the bottom of the page, or you can call toll-free at 1-877-813-7799. We look forward to hearing from you!