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White Grab Bars / White Shower Grab Bars

If you’re looking for white grab bars, you’ve come to the right place browse the extensive selection of white handicap grab bars on AvaCare Medical now. Choose from grab bars from premium brands; we carry Moen White Grab Bars, Dependa Grab Bars, and many other options. Read More...

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  1. Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar
    Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar
    Starting at $195.09
  2. Carex Toilet Support Rail
    Carex Toilet Support Rail
  3. Tub Grab Bars
    Tub Grab Bars
    Starting at $31.22
  4. Hinged Left Rail
    Hinged Left Rail
  5. White Wall Grab Bar
    White Wall Grab Bar
    Starting at $23.73
  6. SuperPole Bariatric
    SuperPole Bariatric
  7. McKesson Wall Mount Grab Bar White Steel
    McKesson Wall Mount Grab Bar White Steel
    Starting at $13.47
  8. Suction Cup Grab Bar, 12", White and Beige
  9. Dependa Bar, White Finish
    Dependa Bar, White Finish
  10. Carex White Bathtub Rail
    Carex White Bathtub Rail
  11. Safe-ER-Grip Swivel Assist
    Safe-ER-Grip Swivel Assist
  12. SuperPole

Items 1-12 of 27

Set Descending Direction

There are two main advantages white grab bars can offer you:

White bathroom grab bar used for improved visibility or for aesthetic purposes

Many times, white bathroom grab bars often seamlessly blend in with the bathroom decor, allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing look. 

However, in the case of dementia or sight impairment, it is important not to choose grab bars that blend in too well, since in those circumstances, you’ll want the grab bars to be as easily visible as possible. 

If someone you know has dementia or is visually impaired, white shower grab bars will be an ideal option for bathrooms with a darker-toned design.

Shop from our huge selection of white grab bars now!