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Toilet Safety Frames / Toilet Grab Bars

Toilet safety frames are grab bars around the toilet that help seniors and disabled individuals to get onto and lift themselves up from the toilet. Also referred to as toilet grab bars, toilet safety frames provide security, balance and stability and prevent falls.They can either be attached to the wall or floor, or they can be portable. Read More...

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  1. Carex Toilet Support Rail
    Carex Toilet Support Rail
  2. Toilet Safety Rail by Drive
  3. Toilet Safety Frame with Padded Armrests
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  4. Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail
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  5. Adjustable Height Versaframe
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Do you find it hard to get onto and off the toilet? Do you worry about falling? There’s no need to suffer from anxiety; do something to allay your fears and make life easier. Be proactive and order a toilet safety frame now!

Using the bathroom should never be nerve wracking; prevent slips and falls and stay safe with the help of toilet support for elderly people. Handicap toilet safety rails allow seniors to take care of their personal needs with less risk of injury. Browse our huge selection of strong, long lasting handicap toilet bars on AvaCare Medical now so you can get your commode rails as soon as possible!

Portable Toilet Support Bars with Standard Armrests vs. Waterfall Armrests

Toilet Safety Frames Buying Guide: What to Look for in Toilet Grab Bars

Choosing which toilet safety frame to get is an important decision. Quality toilet safety bars can protect the user and prevent injury. When looking for toilet assist bars, here are the most important factors to look out for.


Decide on the shape of the toilet safety bars depending on the shape of your toilet. You can get standard toilet seat rails for a regular toilet, and a full frame for an elongated commode. 


Stand-alone portable handicap toilet rails are more sturdy than toilet safety bars that can be bolted directly onto the toilet. For your safety, AvaCare Medical only offers the stand-alone portable toilet rails, which are the most durable and secure. 

Weight Support Capacity

Most standard toilet seat rails have a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Anyone who weighs under 300 pounds can use such toilet assist rails. If you need toilet seat safety rails that can hold more weight than that, then you can try a heavy duty toilet safety frame, which is designed for use by bariatric individuals. 


Toilet Seat Bars with Magazine Rack

To make life easier and more pleasant, try to find a bedside commode with padded armrests. This will also enable you to get a better grip when getting up and sitting down. Some toilet handle bars even feature a rack on the side to store newspapers or magazines in.

Height & Width Adjustment Capability

This is necessary if anyone else besides yourself plans on using the toilet seat rails. It allows for each individual to adjust the toilet support bars as needed. And even if you’re the only one who will be using them, if you are a bit tall, on the short side, or somewhat heavy, by getting adjustable toilet handrails you don’t have to worry that they’ll be too high or low, since you can adjust the height according to your needs. 

Standard toilet seat bars usually range between 18 and 24 inches in width. Be sure to check the width and height of the safety grab bars for toilets before purchasing. This will help you to ensure it will be suitable for you!


The most common options of material to choose for toilet arms are steel, plastic and aluminum. Toilets rails comprised of aluminum is usually the strongest and most long-lasting from all materials.

Did you know this about toilet safety frames?

Toilet seat grab bars can either be used alone or in conjunction with a toilet seat riser. 

Browse the many toilet support bars on AvaCare Medical today: Find Drive Toilet Safety Frames, Carex Toilet Safety Frames, and handicap toilet grab bars from many other top brands. If you have any questions about finding the right grab bars for toilet seats, contact the customer care reps at AvaCare Medical by dialing 1.877.813.7799. Your satisfaction is our priority!