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Bathroom Grab Bars for Elderly / Best Grab Bars for Seniors

Browse our extensive selection of bathroom grab bars for elderly individuals. Bathroom grab bars are essential for any bathroom. Bathroom bars for elderly individuals are not just an investment that can save a life and prevent emergency hospital visits; these grab bars for seniors will increase your peace of mind, making life less stressful and more pleasant. Read More...

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  1. SuperPole Bariatric
    SuperPole Bariatric
  2. McKesson Wall Mount Grab Bar White Steel
    McKesson Wall Mount Grab Bar White Steel
    Starting at $13.47
  3. Parallel Bar
    Parallel Bar
  4. Suction Cup Grab Bar, 12", White and Beige
  5. Hinged Left Rail
    Hinged Left Rail
  6. Healthsmart Suction Grab Bar
    Healthsmart Suction Grab Bar
    Starting at $29.70
  7. Steel Knurled Grab Bar
    Steel Knurled Grab Bar
    Starting at $26.58
  8. Cardinal Health Grab Bar
    Cardinal Health Grab Bar
    Starting at $7.49
  9. Textured Wall Grab Bar
    Textured Wall Grab Bar
    Starting at $18.96
  10. White Wall Grab Bar
    White Wall Grab Bar
    Starting at $23.73
  11. Tri-Grip Bathtub Rail
    Tri-Grip Bathtub Rail
    Starting at $55.93
  12. Carex Bathtub Rail
    Carex Bathtub Rail
    Starting at $35.82

Items 1-12 of 43

Set Descending Direction

These are technically designed for use as grab bars for seniors, but yet are utilized by individuals of all ages and stages. It’s impossible to know whether or not a slip will occur, but as we all know, better safe than sorry!

Are you afraid of falling in the bathroom? Do you sometimes postpone your shower due to anxiety about slipping and getting hurt? You’re not alone; many people feel this way. It’s a normal gut feeling, since falls do oftentimes occur in the bathroom. However, you can minimize those uncomfortably anxious feelings by taking precautionary measures that will enable you to stay as safe as possible.

How to Choose the Best Grab Bars for Seniors

Choosing a grab bar is not that complicated; just read through this guide, compiled by senior care experts at AvaCare Medical, and you’ll be all set to choose the best grab bar(s) for your needs. 

Suction Vs. Wall-Mounted

There are two different types of bath and shower bars for elderly people: Wall-mounted bars, and suction bars. 

  • Choose a suction bar if you need a grab bar for temporary use, if you want it to steady yourself in case you lose your balance, or if for any reason you are unable to install a wall-mounted grab bar.
  • Choose a wall-mounted grab bar if you are looking for a grab bar that will provide long-term or short-term reliable support. If you want it for temporary use, be aware that these grab bars for elderly people will leave holes in the wall when removed. 

When comparing suction and wall-mounted bathroom rails for elderly people, we have found the wall-mounted grab bar to be the safer option of the two. Suction bars for seniors are easy to mount, but they don’t offer a lot of support; they just offer a bit of aid when you want to grab onto something to help you steady yourself. If one requires full body support, he should not choose a suction bar. Rather, go with wall-mounted bathroom bars for seniors which offers optimal support. 

Diameter Size

Diameters of safety handrails for seniors generally range between 1” and 1.5”. 

  • Choose a grab bar with a diameter that’s on the smaller side if the senior who will be using the grab bars suffers from joint pain or arthritis, or if he has smaller hands. 
  • Choose one with a greater diameter if the user has larger-sized hands. 

Textured Surface

The textured surface of the grab bar is what enables the user to get a better grip. When choosing bathroom rails for seniors, look for one with a textured surface. This is especially important since after showering, one’s hands may be slippery, and a grab bar with a textured surface will be easier to hold on to. 

  • Always choose textured grip bars for elderly people. 

Weight Capacity

Standard grab bars can usually hold at least 250 lbs, and Bariatric grab bars can hold even more weight than that.

  • Check the weight capacity before purchasing, to ensure it can provide adequate support for your needs. 

Distance from the Wall

There needs to be enough space between the wall and the bar so that you can grab onto the wall quickly and easily. 

There should be at least one inch between the wall and the bar. Men should opt for bars that will allow for 1-2 inches of space between the bar and the wall. 

Bathroom Grab Bars for Elderly Individuals: Uses and Types

There are three main ways standard bathroom handrails for elderly individuals are used, and three types of handrails aside from the regular wall-mounted handrails. For optimal bathtub safety for elderly people, use both a clamp and standard bathtub grab bars for elderly individuals. 

Bathtub Bars for Seniors

There are tub rails for elderly individuals which are installed on the wall of the tub, and then there are also bathtub clamps which are clamped onto the side of the tub that one exits and enters from. 

Toilet Bars for Seniors

Either one can use standard toilet rails for seniors, which are mounted along the wall near the toilet, or one can choose to use a toilet seat frame. For elderly individuals, a frame may provide more support. 

Shower Rails

Shower bars for the elderly provide seniors with crucial support so that they can take care of their needs independently yet safely. Shower bars for seniors are technically the same as bathtub bars, just used for showering instead of bathing. 

Be proactive and order bathroom handrails for an elderly individual you know or for yourself today! Check out AvaCare Medical for the best bathroom safety bars for elderly individuals.