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Incontinence Underwear for Men / Men's Incontinence Briefs

Find the best incontinence underwear for men on AvaCare Medical so you never have to worry about uncomfortable leaks. Whether you need reusable or washable men’s incontinence briefs, it’s always easy to find top-quality men’s protective underwear on our site. Read more...

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  1. FitRight Ultra Underwear for Men
    FitRight Ultra Underwear for Men
    Starting at $50.87
  2. TENA Men Protective Underwear Super Plus
    TENA Men Protective Underwear Super Plus
    Starting at $20.96
  3. Depend Fit Flex Maximum Absorbency Underwear for Men
  4. Prevail Underwear For Men
    Prevail Underwear For Men
    Starting at $14.51
  5. HealthDri Men's Heavy Briefs
    HealthDri Men's Heavy Briefs
    Starting at $29.92
  6. Attends Discreet Underwear for Men
    Attends Discreet Underwear for Men
    Starting at $15.36
  7. Salk Light & Dry One Piece Men's Brief
    Salk Light & Dry One Piece Men's Brief
    Starting at $17.22
  8. CareFor Ultra Men's Briefs with Haloshield Odor Control
  9. CareFor Ultra One Piece Men's Brief with Halo Shield
  10. Cardinal Maximum Absorbency Protective Underwear for Men
  11. Prevail Boxers for Men Medium

11 Items

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Best Incontinence Underwear for Men

Unisex vs. Men’s Leakproof Underwear

People sometimes wonder whether men’s leakproof underwear is the same as unisex, just with a different label. It’s not. Male incontinence underwear was designed with the male autonomy in mind, and therefore provides more absorbency in target areas than unisex underwear will. Men’s adult underwear is thicker and more absorbent in the front, where it’s needed most.

Reusable vs. Disposable Men’s Incontinence Briefs

Deciding whether to choose reusable or disposable incontinence underwear for men is a big question for many. There are several factors people wonder about; see details in the chart below.

Reusable Underwear vs. Disposable Underwear. Reusable and disposable underwear both offer various benefits. Compare the features below to see which of the two will best meet your needs: Underwear-like feel; User comfort; Discreet wear; Environmentally friendly; Cost-efficient; Ease of use; Dryness control; Odor control

Primary Benefits of Men’s Protective Underwear

There are many reasons to choose men’s incontinence briefs over adult diapers or similar products. 

1. Practical & Absorbent

Like other incontinence products, men’s incontinence briefs are available in multiple absorbency options, and often come with practical details like a waterproof backsheet and elastic around the leg openings to prevent leakage. 

2. More Discreet

Men’s absorbent underwear allow people to go about with confidence and assurance. There’s no shamefulness of feeling exposed, since these incontinence products, especially the reusable ones, are extremely discreet; they don’t make crinkly noises when you walk, and aren’t noticeably thick. Men’s leak proof underwear allows male individuals with incontinence to retain their dignity and get on with life. 

3. Most Similar to Underwear

Men’s incontinence briefs are the best choice for men who want something that is as similar to regular underwear as possible in both shape and style; the only major difference is that incontinence boxers are ultra-absorbent and regular underwear is not. Incontinence underwear sometimes even features a functional fly, like regular underwear does! 

4. Super Comfortable

Being that these are designed to look like regular underwear, they often feature a cloth-like outer fabric which lays comfortably against the skin. 

5. Best for Self-Changing

Men’s pull up diapers are acclaimed for their conduciveness to self-changing. The lack of tabs allow for fast and easy changing. This makes them a great choice for independent, fully (or moderately) mobile individuals. 


Check out the full selection at AvaCare Medical! Choose from our many high quality and absorbent options. If you have any questions regarding which underwear to choose, contact our customer service representatives who can assist you in picking the best men’s disposable or reusable underwear.