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Shower Commode Chair / Bath Commode for Showering

A shower commode chair is a commode chair on wheels which is used in the bathroom or to get to the bathroom. A shower commode chair allows infirm individuals to access the bathroom in a safer manner. It can be used to get between small spaces in the bathroom such as from the toilet to the sink, or from the tub to the toilet. Read More...

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According to studies, approximately 80% of nonfatal bathroom injuries are caused by falls, with the majority of bathroom injury patients being from the elderly population (CDC, 2008). One prudent way to stay safe in the bathroom is to use a shower commode chair.

A shower commode chair can transport patients from the bedroom to the bathroom at a pace that is often faster than the individual’s speed of mobility. 

The shower commode is usually made out of aluminum, stainless steel, PVC pipes, or other waterproof material or material with a water resistant coating. 

How to Choose a Shower Commode Chair

Choose the shower commode wheelchair depending on what you plan to use it for, where you’ll be using it, and several other factors.

For Short or Long Term Use 

A shower commode chair is quite a worthwhile investment. However, if you are recovering from surgery or injury and only plan to use it for a short time, unless you have lots of money to spare, it may be wiser to go with a basic, standard version. If you are looking for a commode for long time use, then you may want to get one with all the frills (such as a tiltable backrest and other such comfortable features).

For Compactness

If you plan on bringing your shower commode chair with you on your travels, it will be easier for you if you get a foldable shower commode chair. Actually, another benefit of the foldable shower commode chair is that if you share a bathroom with others who don’t use it, you can fold it up and keep it in the bathroom without it taking up much space. 

For Tall or Short Individuals

Shower commode chairs with adjustable legs are the perfect choice for tall or short individuals, since they can be adjusted so that they are a comfortable height.

For Heavier Individuals

If you or your loved one who will be using the shower commode chair is on the heavier side (over 300 pounds), a bariatric shower commode chair will be the best option. It is designed to hold more weight, and is therefore less flimsy and much stronger than the standard shower commode chair. 



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