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Padded Commode Seat / Padded Seats for Bedside Commodes

Padded commode seats are softer and more comfortable to sit on than other commode seat types, especially those made out of cold plastic. Ideal for people with pressure-sensitive skin, padded commode cushions can also play an important role in bed sore prevention. Read More...

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There are several types of padded commodes: Bariatric, 3-in-1 commodes, drop arm commodes, and more. There are also padded commode transfer benches, for the utmost in stability and comfort. 

Many padded commode seats are height adjustable and easy to assemble, and most are lightweight, yet durable. 

To prevent the commode from getting an orangish tinge which can lead to a person sitting on it contracting tetanus, it is important to choose a padded bedside commode that is rust-resistant. 

Padded commode seats are most commonly available in black, white, cream and grey. 

Aside from offering a full selection of quality padded commode chair, AvaCare Medical also carries replacement padded toilet seats for bedside commodes. Replacement commode chairs are very practical; instead of having to purchase a new commode when the padded commode seat becomes worn out, the user can simply get a new padded seat for the bedside commode. 

Best Practices to Prevent Bed Sores from Using a Commode

People of limited mobility can often suffer from bedsores. Avert unnecessary agony by following these helpful tips to prevent bedsores from using a commode.

Move Carefully

Don’t drag yourself off the bed and across the commode; rather, move very slowly and carefully. This will prevent shear injuries (when the inner and outer layers of skin are pulled in opposite directions) from occurring. 

Keep Skin Dry

Over-hydrated skin can develop bedsores more easily. Therefore, it’s important to make sure the skin is wiped gently yet thoroughly so that it is entirely clean and dry. If the skin is dried out, apply moisturizer after cleaning and drying the area thoroughly. 

Use a Padded Commode Chair

An ideal method to prevent shear injuries is to use a padded commode chair. The soft surface of a padded commode chair allows the person to slide more easily across the commode, and this will reduce the likelihood of shear injury, which is one of the most common causes of pressure injuries (Bhattacharya & Mishra, 2015).

If you or someone you care for is prone to bedsores, a padded bedside commode seat may alleviate the issue to a large extent. For these people with pressure-sensitive skin, a padded bedside commode chair is in no way a luxury; it’s a definite necessity. 

The padded commode chair allows users to remain as comfortable as possible. 

On, you’ll find a huge selection of high quality padded commodes that are quite comfortable. You’ll also find many options of padded seats for bedside commodes.



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