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Handicap Commodes / Portable Handicap Toilet

A handicap commode is a raised toilet seat designed for use by handicapped or infirm individuals. A portable handicap toilet allows for these people to take care of their needs competently and discreetly. Read More...

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  1. Knockdown Commode
    Knockdown Commode
  2. McKesson Heavy Duty Folding Commode Chair
  3. McKesson Commode Chair
    McKesson Commode Chair
  4. Mariner Rehab Shower Chair with Rust-resistant Aluminum Frames
  5. Extra Wide Bedside Commode, Case
  6. Uplift Commode Assist
    Uplift Commode Assist
  7. Mariner Rehab Shower Chair
    Mariner Rehab Shower Chair
  8. Mariner Rust-Resistant Rehab Shower Chair
  9. PVC Shower Commode Chair
    PVC Shower Commode Chair
  10. Drop-Arm Commode
    Drop-Arm Commode
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  11. Bedside Commode with Microban
  12. Folding Steel Commode
    Folding Steel Commode

Items 1-12 of 34

Set Descending Direction

If you are getting a handicap commode chair for short term use, it may be wiser to choose a commode that isn’t overly expensive, but if it is assumed the commode will be needed for long-term use, it may be worthwhile to invest in a top quality commode chair with the features you feel will make life easier.

Types of Handicap Commodes

There are several different types of handicap commode chairs: 3-in-1 handicap potty chairs, handicap toilet seats with grab bars, bariatric handicap commode chairs, and more. There are also folding portable handicap toilet seats, handicap bedside toilets, and many other types of portable handicap toilets. Read on for more information about each of these types of handicap commodes!

  • Bariatric Commodes: A bariatric commode is a type of toilet seat for handicapped persons who are on the heavier side. These commodes can sometimes hold over 1000 pounds. 
  • 3 in 1 Commodes: This handicap potty chair has three functions: It can either be used as a regular commode, or placed over the toilet as a raised toilet seat which is easier to get on and off of, or it can be utilized as a safety frame for the user to grasp when sitting, getting up and getting onto the toilet seat for handicapped persons. 
  • Shower Commodes: Shower commodes usually feature wheels so that they can be wheeled into and out of the shower. They also almost always feature a water resistant coating to prevent the shower water from ruining the chair. 
  • Drop Arm Commodes: A drop arm commode is a handicap toilet seat with grab bars that can be raised or put down depending on what the individual needs at the moment. 
  • Wheelchair Commodes: Wheelchair commodes are standard handicap portable potty chairs, that always come with wheels. This makes them easily movable from one room to the next. 
  • Elongated Commodes: Elongated commodes feature an elongated seat; a seat that has a longer opening than the standard commode. Many people find the elongated toilet to be more comfortable than the classically shaped kinds. 
  • Padded Commodes: Padded commodes are very comfortable; they have a padded seat.

Find the ideal potty chairs for handicapped individuals on AvaCare Medical today! Choose from the best handicap toilet extensions around, and enjoy a smooth shopping experience as you do so. 

Is there something specific you’re looking for, such as the Drive Handicap Toilet Seat? Do you have any questions or concerns regarding finding a toilet seat for handicapped persons? If you do, feel free to contact the handicap portable toilet chair experts; our customer service reps, at 1.877.813.7799.