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Floor Mat Alarms / Bed Alarm Mats for Elderly

Floor mat alarms for elderly people are well-known senior safety devices that are most popularly purchased by caretakers for patients or loved ones. They are an important part of any fall prevention plan. On AvaCare Medical, we carry a curated selection of these helpful and innovative senior care products. Shop now to find bed alarm mats from the most reputable companies at great prices, and don't forget to give us a call at 1.877.813.7799 to find out if you qualify for free shipping! Read More...

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What is a Floor Mat Alarm?

A floor mat alarm is a mat that is placed on the floor which sounds when it senses that a person is walking over it. Floor mat alarms are used to ensure that a caregiver is alerted before the patient gains access to areas that are unsafe for them to spend time in alone (or at all). 

As soon as the patient steps on the mat, it emits a loud alarm. The noise alerts the caregiver to the situation. The caregiver can then come and provide whatever assistance is necessary. 

Floor Alarms: Where They Can Be Placed

Floor alarms can be placed in a variety of locations around one’s home. The most common place to set up a floor mat alarm would be on the floor near the foot of the bed, but people have found floor alarms to be helpful when placed in plenty of other places as well. Here are a few examples of where people put fall alarms. 

  • Kitchen entrance
  • Front door
  • Patio door
  • In front of a chair
  • At the side of the bed
  • Shower entrance
  • In front of stairs

Benefits of Fall Mat Alarms

There are several benefits to fall mat alarms. Are you wondering what the benefits of alarm mats for elderly individuals may be? Well, you can read on to find out! 

Helps to Prevent Falls

A floor mat alarm helps to prevent falls. It achieves the aforementioned by alerting the caregiver as soon as the patient either gets up, or gets to a place where a fall is more likely to occur. Although a falls alarm mat isn’t a magic prevention tool to stop falls from occurring, it definitely does reduce the fall risk by a large amount. It is therefore a solid component of many comprehensive fall prevention plans, along with grab bars and bed alarms

Helps to Prevent Wandering

Those with dementia and Alzheimers often walk off, and can then get hurt or lost. Since those with the aforementioned conditions are, as a general rule, older, they are also prone to falls. By placing a mat alarm for elderly people in front of any entrances to outside, the caregiver will be alerted if the person attempts to wander off, and can go to him and guide him back to safety. 

Helps Monitor the Situation

Sometimes, the patient needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, and could use assistance doing so. Other times, due to the circumstances it would be more responsible of the caregiver to check on the patient to make sure he’s made it back to bed after he went to the bathroom. A falls mat alarm is a great way to be aware of when the person comes out of bed. 

Reduces Anxiety

Being responsible for a patient who wanders off or can use a floor mat due to any of the above benefits can be quite anxiety provoking. The caregiver may be afraid to go to sleep, since he’s scared something will happen to his patient in the dark of the night. A floor mat alarm can reduce this type of caregiver anxiety immensely. It offers caregivers a sense of security, since they know that as soon as the patient attempts to leave his bed or the house, they’ll be alerted. 

Floor Mat Alarm Buying Guide: What to Look For

Are you interested in getting a floor mat alarm? With this quick guide, you can find out which are the most important features to look out for. Most floor mat alarms will not feature all these details, but the more of the following features they boast, the better of a floor mat alarm they will be. 

  • Anti-Slip: To prevent falls from occurring.
  • Status Light: So that you can be sure it’s in working order. (Alternatively, you can step on the mat yourself and see if it beeps.)
  • Adjustable Volume Control: This allows you to set the volume to the level that works for you and the patient.
  • Adaptor: In case the battery goes dead, this can be helpful. If the mat doesn’t come with one, find out if it has the ability to be attached to one altogether or not.
  • Decent sound radius: So that you can hear the floor mat alarm when it rings.
  • Waterproof: In case liquid gets on the floor mat.
  • Warranty: This is always a good idea.
  • Size: You want it to cover the whole area so that there is no way for the person to evade the alarm or get around it.

Safety Tip!

Keep in mind that the floor alarm mat can only be used in a place that is within hearing range of the caregiver, unless it has a remote. If it doesn’t have a remote, and one needs to place it in a location that is not always within the hearing range of the caregiver, here’s a solution: use a baby monitor. Keep the monitor near the sensor mat for your elderly patient, and keep the receiver on hand so that if the alarm goes off, you’ll hear it, even if you’re not staying in one place.


Find a floor mat alarm for your elderly patient now! Invest in a bed alarm mat for the sake of your patient’s safety and your own peace of mind. A floor sensor mat is a product for elderly people that will make a difference in your life, but won’t cost you too much (at least, not when you purchase it on AvaCare Medical). And, you’ll get the falls sensor mat shipped to your door fast and free. If there are any questions you have regarding floor mat alarms, contact our customer care team, and someone will be of assistance. Either give them a call at 1.877.813.7799, send them an email, or chat with a live care rep onsite. Shop now!