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Personal Safety Accessories: Medical Alert Bracelets / Caregiver Pagers

Personal safety accessories, such as caregiver pagers, bed rails, and stylish medical alert bracelets for men and women, are all important devices that can increase the safety in a senior’s life. Shop them now at AvaCare Medical, everyone’s favorite online medical supply store! We carry the best medical alert bracelets and emergency pagers for elderly people, and we only offer options of these products from select trustworthy brands such as Drive Medical & Alimed. Read More...

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  1. Split Siderail Protector Vinyl Cover 36" x 16" H x 1/2"Thick
  2. KeepSafe Scout Alarm
    KeepSafe Scout Alarm
  3. Keepsafe Deluxe Monitor
    Keepsafe Deluxe Monitor
  4. KeepSafe Cadet Alarm
    KeepSafe Cadet Alarm
  5. Blank Medical ID Bracelet
    Blank Medical ID Bracelet
  6. Alimed Smoker's Apron
    Alimed Smoker's Apron
  7. Basic Pull-Pin Alarm
    Basic Pull-Pin Alarm
  8. Tamper Proof Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm
  9. Pin Style Pull Cord Alarm
    Pin Style Pull Cord Alarm

9 Items

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What is a Medical Alert Bracelet?

Medical alert bracelets, or emergency bracelets, are bracelets which provide crucial information. A medical ID bracelet for men or women informs people of who the person is, and often also says how to contact his caregiver. Elderly alert bracelets also generally have written on them any medical conditions or allergies the senior has, and any medications the person is taking. 

These facts can be critical if anything happens to the patient and he is in need of medical assistance. Besides that, the information on a medical wristband can be lifesaving in the case of emergency, and extremely useful if the individual is lost or confused. In the case of an emergency, a medical alert bracelet will be easily noticed by the care professional; he will see it as soon as he takes the patient’s pulse. 

If you’re shopping for a cheap medical ID bracelet that is of high quality, you’ve come to the right place, but before you start to shop around for the best medical ID bracelets for seniors, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Firstly, there’s no reason to simply choose any medical identification bracelet for elderly people; there are options of stylish medical ID jewelry. 

However, don’t choose medical ID jewelry that can very easily pass for regular jewelry; you want it to be somewhat noticeable that this is a medical ID bracelet, so that medical professionals will notice it right away, and use the information you’re providing them with to provide you with the right treatment. In a critical situation, every second counts, so you want a medical alert bracelet that is relatively easy to notice. It’s best not to go with newfangled ID tags, such as chips or the like, since they’re much less likely to be noticed by emergency personnel. Find boldly visible medical bracelets for men and women on AvaCare Medical now! 

What is a Caregiver Pager?

A caregiver pager, also known as a caregiver call button system, is a medical device that allows the patient to call the attention of a caregiver with the push of a button. The benefit of a wireless personal pager alarm for elderly people is that it allows the senior to maintain a bit of independence, and gives both the senior and the caregiver their space. Wireless caregiver pagers have quite a bit of a range; for instance, the caregiver call button with a pager that’s offered at AvaCare Medical boasts a call range of up to 100 feet. 

What is a Pull Cord Alarm?

The pull cord alarm is an alarm that is activated when the patient moves too much out of his place. By moving too much, the person is pulling the cord, and when the cord is pulled too much, it sounds an alarm. This is a simple and smart means to ensure that if the patient attempts to get out of his wheelchair or bed when such is not safe for him, a caregiver is immediately alerted. 

What is a Smoker’s Apron?

A smoker’s apron is comprised of flame retardant fabric. It is worn by seniors who are unable to stop smoking. Wearing a smoker’s apron prevents the patient’s clothing from becoming dirty with cigarette ash, and, simultaneously, prevents the patient from being harmed by hot ashes or cigarettes. AvaCare Medical carries a smoker’s apron which covers the patient, and the wheelchair, so that ashes don’t get caught between the edges of the wheelchair seat. 

Alzheimer’s Door Alarms & Door Alarms for Dementia Sufferers

Individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s share something in common: They both are prone to wandering off at times. The issue with this is that due to their conditions, they often can’t make it back alone; they can’t remember the way back home. To prevent these wandering episodes, many caregivers invest in door alarms for Alzheimer and dementia patients so that if such a patient tries to leave home, the caregiver is immediately alerted to the situation. 

It is near impossible for anyone to watch a patient every second of the day, and even a short span of a minute is enough time for a patient to meander out of the house and into the outdoors. Door alarms will alert the person who is in charge of the patient's care, so that he can respond to the situation as immediately as possible. Find senior safety alarms for doors and windows on AvaCare Medical now! 

Window Alarms for Dementia

To prevent those with dementia from wandering, many precautions are necessary. One product that is popular amongst caregivers for the dementia population is window alarms. Window alarms notify the caregiver if the patient attempts an alternative means to leave the house. 

Are you looking into getting the right personal safety accessories for yourself or your patient? Browse our selection of helpful devices and products that will enable you or your loved one to enjoy an increased level of safety. Our emergency pagers for elderly patients allow patients to contact their caregivers with the push of a button. We carry the best medical alert bracelets; ones that are easy for emergency personnel to spot. Our pull cord alarms alert the caregiver as soon as the patient tries leaving his bed or chair. The smoker’s apron keeps the elderly person who smokes (and his wheelchair) safe and clean. Alarms for doors and windows for dementia patients and those with Alzheimer’s reduce the risk of the patient wandering off too far, and lessen related caregiver anxiety. 

Reach out to our customer care team to find out details about any of these products. Give them a call at 1.877.813.7799, send an email to [email protected], or chat with a representative onsite, and experience customer service that’s a whole different level.


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