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Bed Alarm Pad / Bed Sensor Pad

Choose bed alarm pads, or bed sensor pads, so that you can use to keep your patient more safe. These alarms alert the caregiver if the patient gets out of bed, so that the caregiver can come and see what's going on. Our alarm pads are for elderly and cognitively disabled patients, so that their caregivers can keep tabs on them, without intruding on their independence. Shop our selection of affordable bed alarm sensor pads now to get free shipping if your order is above $50! Read More...

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What is a Bed Alarm Pad?

A bed alarm pad is a device that looks like a pad, but has an alarm attached. It is placed on top of the sheet on the bed. It can sense pressure, and if there is a sudden reduction in pressure (which will generally mean that the patient is getting out of bed), it will immediately alert the caregiver. The caregiver can then come quickly and deal with the situation before any harm is done.

Benefits of Bed Sensor Pad Alarms

Bed sensor pad alarms offer several basic advantages. They are purchased by countless caregivers, who are wont to give several reasons why they think bed pads are so essential. Here are just a few reasons why bed alarm pads are so popular.

Reduces the Level of Caregiver Anxiety

For many caregivers, closing one’s eyes in bed in order to go to sleep at night can be wrenchingly nerve wracking. Heading off into slumber can be fraught with tension, because it means the caregiver will no longer be alert and aware. This means that if something would occur to the patient, the caregiver most likely wouldn’t be there to help out the patient.

However, when a bed pad alarm system is part of the equation, going to sleep is absolutely nothing to worry about. Once the caregiver has invested in a bed alarm pad, he can close his eyes and get the rest he needs, without caregiver anxiety wresting his much-needed rest from him. If anything happens, he’ll be alerted. There’s no need to set an alarm to wake you up every half hour - to be safe, you can set an alarm to ring several times through the night, but that’s it.

Increases the Level of Patient Safety

A bed alarm keeps the patient safer. In the event that the patient tries to get out of bed, the alarm alerts the caregiver, who can come, monitor the situation, and provide assistance if necessary.

A bed alarm is a crucial component of any comprehensive fall prevention plan, along with fall pads, emergency alerting devices, and many other devices designed to help mitigate falls.

For some patients, an alarm mattress pad can literally turn out to be a lifesaver. Patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s sometimes decide to go outside on their own, although they most likely will have no recollection of where they came from, and therefore will be unable to make their way home. These people can be left outside, cold, confused and alone. A bed alarm pad can prevent this from occurring - as soon as the patient attempts to get out of bed, the caregiver will be alerted by the sounding of the alarm.

Most people who are well-acquainted with even just one senior know that older people are very prone to falls. According to facts published by the world health organization, 20% of falls occur at night. There are several reasons why nighttime falls occur; sometimes they happen while the senior is on the way to the bathroom, due to vision issues, or sometimes because he is rushing too fast for himself. There are other causes of falls, as well. Sometimes, the fall can occur as the senior is attempting to get out of bed. Other times, it will happen in the bathroom or kitchen.

By using a bed pad alarm, the caregiver will ensure that anytime the senior gets up, whether it’s to get a drink, to turn on the air conditioner, or for whatever other reason, he can come and be there, providing crucial support and assistance in whatever way necessary. For this reason, as mentioned earlier, a bed alarm pad is a crucial component of any comprehensive fall prevention plan.

Purchasing a Bed Alarm Pad for an Elderly Patient?

So, you’ve decided to purchase an alarm pad for an elderly patient of yours! You’ll be very happy you did. And if you’re interested in not just getting any bed alarm pad, but you want to get one that works well for your needs, read through this short but informative guide for insider’s tips on what to look for.


The size of the bed pad is quite important. The bigger the bed pad is in size, the more area it takes up under a patient, and the more likely it is that it will sense if a patient gets up. You want a bed pad that is big enough that no matter where the patient is laying on the bed, he is going to be partially laying over the bed pad alarm.


Check reviews or find out from company care reps if the bed alarm pad you’re interested in is comfortable. Remember; someone will be sleeping on it! And everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, no matter their age.


The bed alarm pad needs to have an alarm that can be clearly heard by the caregiver. It must be loud enough so that it will wake up the caregiver if the need arises. Be sure to choose a bed alarm that is sufficiently audible.


If this bed alarm will be used for a patient who is cognitively disabled, choosing a tamper proof option ensures that the patient is less likely to succeed in turning off the alarm. If there is no reason to choose a tamper-proof model (i.e. the patient is in full possession of his mental faculties), don’t look for a tamper proof bed pad alarm, since these are a bit more complicated for the caregiver to use.


Find the best bed alarm pads on AvaCare Medical now! These sensor pads won’t prevent falls from occurring, but they can help to reduce the risk of falls when used effectively by responsible caregivers. Shop bed alarm pads on AvaCare Medical today!