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Incontinence Pads with Wings / Bladder Pads with Wings

Incontinence pads with wings are more practical than those without wings. They let ladies go about life in a carefree, confident manner, without being held back by fear of embarrassment. Bladder pads with wings are designed to stay securely in place through every sneeze, jump, skip or jog. They enable individuals to stay active and on-the-move, unbound by incontinence. Read more...

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  1. Maxi with Flexi-Wings Long Super Unscented
    Maxi with Flexi-Wings Long Super Unscented
    Starting at $4.21
  2. Versalon Winged High Pad, Super
    Versalon Winged High Pad, Super
    Starting at $2.62
  3. Wings Contoured Insert Pad
    Wings Contoured Insert Pad
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  4. Thin Overnight Pad with Wings, 12-1/4"
  5. Attends Discreet Pad
    Attends Discreet Pad
    Starting at $4.27

5 Items

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Incontinence pads with wings are not as compact as those without, but that’s not to say they’re bulky. (They’re not!) The wings allow the incontinence pad to stay put, so that leaks don’t sneak out the sides and a faint outline of the pad doesn’t ever become noticeable.

Bladder control pads with wings usually come individually packaged, for sanitary purposes, and so that you can store one in your purse just in case. 

Bladder leakage pads with wings are available in several absorbency levels. 

Incontinence Pads with Wings: Who They’re For

Those looking for incontinence pads with wings are usually active individuals who don’t feel like letting little leaks get in their way. If this sounds like you, you may want to try bladder with wings!

Incontinence pads with wings offer just the right amount of protection for light bladder leakage (LBL). They offer much more absorbency than period pads of comparable thickness. They absorb moisture and neutralize odors quickly and efficiently. 

Why Choose Bladder Pads with Wings?

Like regular incontinence pads, bladder protection pads with wings are absorbent, discreet, and practical. The main reason to choose bladder pads with wings over standard ones is that besides featuring everything a regular incontinence pad offers, these also stay in place much better. 

Browse the collection of quality incontinence pads with wings at AvaCare Medical! Find comfortable, compact incontinence pads that are so slim and non-obtrusive that you may forget you’re even wearing them!

Incontinence pads with wings allow women to travel the world worry-free. Where will your wings take you?

Why Do I have bladder leaks? The following is a list of the most common causes of LBL (Light Bladder Leakage). Urinary tract infection; foods or drinks; pregnancy; childbirth; old age; prostate cancer or enlarged prostate; diseases