Buying Medical Supplies Online, Simplified

Buying Medical Supplies Online, Simplified

Shopping online comes naturally to many (especially those from younger generations) – and is learned easily by others. This is especially true when you shop on sites that really invested into building a user-friendly site that is simple and easy to navigate, such as our very own medical supply store. However, when it comes to shopping for medical supplies, it can get complicated for even the most tech-savvy among us. The following are some of the complications that come along with shopping online for medical needs – and what AvaCare Medical has done to eliminate the issues and help simplify the entire process.

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Trying Out the Product

As with clothing, and shoes shopping, it can be hard to choose certain medical supplies and equipment, such as wheelchairs, cushions, mattresses and more without being able to see them for yourself and try them out. Unlike clothing and shoes, though, you often can’t afford to guesstimate – after all, this is your health you’re worried about. And often, you don’t have the liberty to spend the time it takes to try something out, return it and buy the correct product.

So what have we done about it? We’ve created an online experience that mimics shopping in a brick and mortar store by providing detailed pictures, specifications, descriptions and often, videos of the products you are considering.

Case in point: The ever-popular Bobcat X4 Mobility Scooter is a relatively expensive item, and before you invest in it, you’re sure to want to really get a feel for the product. With 28 specs, 7 pictures, 2 videos and a 400-word product description, AvaCare Medical’s product listing leaves you feeling like you’ve already seen the product and tried it out for yourself.

Knowing Which Products You Need

If you’re shopping online for a purse, all you need to know is what type of purse you like and what styles talk to you and you’re set to go. But when you’re buying medical products, it’s not a simple choice between styles – it’s crucial that you get the exact product designed for your individual and unique medical needs. And often, patients are not really sure what they need.

That’s why we’ve created a plethora of detailed, super-helpful buying guides that walk you through the various types of products available and the specifications you should look out for for your needs. Whether you’re looking for mobility aids, medical products for the bedroom or bathroom, incontinence products or anything else, you’re sure to find a guide to make the selection process that much easier.

Choosing Incontinence Products

When choosing incontinence products, there’s a whole new level of difficulty: absorbency simply can’t be determined on a computer. Of  course, you can call our helpful customer service department and they can help you find something in the right range for your needs, but how can you know it’s really going to work for you? This problem is compounded by the fact that once you open a pack of incontinence supplies, whether it’s adult pull-ups, diapers or pads, you usually can’t return it and you end up having to absorb the cost of a product that doesn’t work for you.

Now, instead of purchasing multiple products in your search for the ideal protection, you can easily save yourself the trouble and the expense by taking advantage of our free sample program, where we send you a variety of products to try so you can determine the best fit, absorbency and style for your needs. Once you find one you like, you can place orders – or even better, set up an automatic order to go out on a regular basis so you can get back to everything else you have to do.

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How else has AvaCare Medical’s unique features helped simplify your online shopping experience? What else would you love to see in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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