What to Do If Your Bed Pads Move at Night

What to Do If Your Bed Pads Move at Night

Chucks are great – they protect the bed, they protect the user… until they don’t. And with chucks, that happens far too often; those bed pads just won’t stay in place!

If you’re having this problem, you are likely using a thin pad without a design to keep it in place, such as flaps or adhesive tape.

Especially if you or your loved one is a restless sleeper, the following tips can be very helpful in keeping bed pads in place or otherwise ensuring that your bed stays dry overnight.


1. Bed pads with adhesives

Pads with adhesive tape on the underside or sides can help the pads stay in place through the night. Many customers recommend the GoodNites Bed Pads in particular.

Adhesive Bed Pads

2. Reusable underpads

Reusable bed pads tend to move around less than disposable bed pads, so if this is a viable option for you, it may be worth considering.

Reusable Bed Pads

3. Bed pads with wings

Winged pads have flaps on either side that can be tucked under the mattress to provide more reliable overnight protection.

Tuckable Bed Pads

4. Waterproof mattress covers

Whether you prefer zipper or elastic mattress cover styles, you can find one that is waterproof, thereby ensuring that the mattress doesn’t have to sustain water damage. One drawback of this option is that it is harder to clean up since the bed sheets are not protected with this method.

Waterproof Mattress Covers

5. Waterproof sheeting

Waterproof sheeting options, especially those made of rubber, tend to stay in place more reliably than regular bed pads. Use these together with waterproof bed pads or alone to help ensure that your bed stays dry.

Waterproof Sheeting


User Recommendations

We posed this problem to veteran adult bed pad users, and here are some of the great suggestions we received:

If you can sew you can add the tuck in strips yourself to the washable pads. They may be cheaper than the commercial ones too.

Try using duct-tape or masking tape on the underside of the pad.

I have multiple bed pads where I sleep. I sleep alone and move around a lot. I use several pads a night.

That is a tough one. I have the rubber sheet under my regular sheet also because I know I can’t keep the chucks pad in place. To keep my rubber sheet in place I use large diaper pins through the mattress material.

If the patient is okay with it, maybe they should sleep directly on the mattress cover… I’m just thinking it would be easier to wipe it down.

I got what is called a soaker pad it goes on top of the sheet tucks in on the sides of mattress to stay in place and when accidents happen you just wash this pad and dry it they come in whatever size your mattress is they work very well and safe having to wash the entire bedding.

I opted not to use the GoodNites because there were so many complaints from user reviews that the adhesive ruins sheets.



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