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Raised Toilet Seats / Elevated Toilet Seat

Raised toilet seats, or elevated toilet seats, are recommended for those with balance or mobility issues. They allow seniors, tall people and those with disabilities to get on and off the toilet more easily. The raised toilet seat is placed on top of the toilet in order to raise the toilet seat’s height by a few inches. An over the toilet, raised seat requires less bending of the knees and pressure on the hips, and is therefore less painful for seniors to sit on and get up from. Read More...

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  1. Carex Economy Raised Toilet Seat 5"
  2. E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat
    E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat
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  3. Elongated Elevated Toilet Seat
  4. Etac Hi Loo Raised Toilet Seat
  5. E-Z Lock Elevated Toilet Seat, 5"
  6. Standard Raised Toilet Seat
  7. E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat, 5"
  8. Carex Raised Toilet Seat
    Carex Raised Toilet Seat
  9. Tall-Ette Steel Elevated Toilet Seat
  10. Maddak Basic Elevated Toilet Seat
  11. Mabis DMI Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat
  12. Everyday Raised Toilet Seat

Items 1-12 of 31

Set Descending Direction

When to Get a Raised Toilet Seat

Do your joints and muscles ache when you exert yourself to get onto a low toilet seat? Are you always afraid that you’ll lose your balance in the process of sitting down on it? These concerns are common, and quite valid. 

People with these concerns often get raised commode seats for their bathrooms, since these raised toilet seats require less bending of the knees and moving of stiff muscles to get into a seated position, and therefore, installing a raised toilet seat in your bathroom will decrease the likelihood of falls. 

An elevated toilet seat is uncomplicated to install. It usually features a locking mechanism which ensures that it stays in place. If it has no locking mechanism and can’t be screwed into place, the elevated commode chair should not be used long-term or by people who need a lot of help getting on and off the toilet. 

Grab Bars for Elevated Toilet Seats 

The raised toilet seat can sometimes feature a grab bar on each side, to assist the user with getting on and off. If the model you chose doesn’t come with grab bars, and you’ve come to realize that grab bars would be helpful, no worries - you can always install a toilet safety frame around your toilet. Be aware that the arms of raised toilet seats are not meant to support full body weight. If the person would be putting a lot of weight on the arms, the optimal idea would be to install a toilet safety frame or wall-mounted grab bars around the toilet area. 

Choosing the Right Raised Toilet Seat


Elevated raised toilet seats can add between 2 and 6 inches of height to your toilet. The ideal height will decrease the bending distance as much as possible while still being low enough so that the person’s feet are fully touching the floor while sitting on the raised toilet commode. 

Weight Capacity

Be sure to choose an elevated toilet seat with the right weight capacity, so that it will be ideally supportive for your needs. For those who are on the heavier side, there are bariatric raised toilet seats which can hold up to 600 pounds. 


Some commode raised toilet seats can be installed without any tools being needed, while others do require screws or bolts for installation. Raised toilet chairs that need tools will often be sturdier. Keep that in mind when choosing, and don’t forget that raised commode seats with tool-free installation will be easier to install and are more portable. 


You’ll choose a toilet seat shape based on the shape of your toilet; depending if your toilet is elongated or round. Newer bathrooms usually have an elongated toilets, but the older ones can often have round ones.


Elevated commode seats are often contoured similarly to a standard toilet seat, so that sitting on them feels almost the same as sitting on the toilet itself; except for that it’s more comfortable because its higher up. Some prefer that their elevated toilet seat be padded, while others rather the solid, familiar feel of a non-padded seat (which is also easier to clean). If you get very cold in the winter or if it is distinctly uncomfortable for you to sit on a hard toilet seat, or if you’re used to padded, then try a padded elevated commode seat. 

Raised Toilet Seat vs. Toilet Seat Riser

A raised toilet or potty seat is not the same thing as a toilet seat riser. A raised toilet seat is placed above the toilet seat, so that the person sits on it. In contrast, a toilet seat riser is installed between the toilet and the seat, so that the person is still sitting on the original toilet seat, which has been lifted up by the riser. 

Raised Toilet Seat Heights

As you’ll see immediately below, you can find the best elevated toilet seats, in practically every possible size, on AvaCare Medical. 


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