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Hinged Toilet Seat Risers & Hinged Elevated Toilet Seats

Toilets are often short and many people as they age have health issues such as inflammation of the joints that could make bending to sit down or stand up after sitting down on a toilet difficult. A hinged toilet seat adds height to the toilet seat making it more accommodating and easier on the spine, hips, and knees. Read more...

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  3. Mabis DMI Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat
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    Tall-Ette Elevated Hinged Toilet Seat
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5 Items

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Why Someone May Want a Hinged Raised Toilet Seat

Toilets come in various heights. However, older homes often have shorter toilets, which older people can find painful to sit on. Even taller toilets may need a hinged toilet seat riser to make it easier to sit down and then to get back into standing position. Individuals who would benefit from using a hinged raised toilet seat include those with arthritis, osteoporosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis or those who have undergone knee or hip replacements.  

These seats come in a variety of sizes in order to accommodate users, and are also available in different shapes to match the toilet bowl shape. 

Benefits of Using a Toilet Seat Riser

Hinged toilet seat risers provide users with the ability to sit more comfortably and allow them to stand up more easily, without pain or discomfort. There is less strain put onto the muscles and joints in the body when standing up from higher seats than when trying to get up from a lower position.  Users can benefit from feeling more comfortable and at ease with going to the restroom, knowing that they will be able to sit and stand more easily due to the added height. Using a toilet seat riser can reduce the chance of falling.

Different Sizes of Hinged Toilet Seat Risers

Hinged toilet seat risers range from 2 to 4 inches in height. The user’s height and the height of the toilet can be used to help determine the needed height of the riser. Aside from being available in varying heights, toilet risers also come in different lengths. The lengths is what will give the appropriate room needed for the toilet bowl measurement side to side and front to back. The shapes such as elongated or round toilet seats that can help them fit the toilet structure and blend well with the original toilet appearance. 

Elongated or Round Toilet Seat Risers

The shape of hinged toilet seat risers will vary depending on the toilet it will be used on. Finding the shape is rather simple as most toilets have a round or elongated toilet bowl which will determine whether to purchase an elongated toilet seat riser or a hinged toilet seat that is round. If by mistake someone orders a round toilet seat for an elongated toilet, the riser will likely fall short of the length needed for the seat as well as the bowl, creating a smaller toilet bowl entrance. This will also make it more complicated to clean the toilet. If the opposite occurs and someone purchases an elongated hinged raised toilet for a round toilet bowl, there will likely be more of a lip from the riser sticking out from the seat and the toilet bowl. 


Standard toilet seat risers usually have a weight capacity up to 300lbs. These risers are often easy to install and go between the toilet bowl and the existing toilet seat and lid. Hinged toilet seat risers allow for the riser to be lifted with the seat and lid for easy cleaning. 

How a Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat Works

A 2 inch hinged raised toilet seat riser would add 2 inches of height to the existing toilet. If the existing toilet seat stands 15 inches high from floor it will be 17 inches with the hinged raised toilet seat. The most common height for a toilet seat is between 17-19 inches. There are toilets that naturally have this height and would still be able to accommodate a hinged toilet seat riser that was 4 inches to add more height to those who need that accommodation. 

The Concept Behind Hinged Seat Risers

The concept of hinged toilet seat risers is to not only add height to the toilet; a hinged toilet seat also makes the toilet much easier to clean. Merely flip it up to clean the underside of the riser and the rim of the toilet itself. If a toilet seat that was screwed in did not feature hinges, it would be nearly impossible to clean that area. 

A toilet seat riser could reduce the need for a toilet chair that is often placed over the toilet. This concept allows for others to feel comfortable using the restroom without moving the toilet chair that is in place and perhaps forgetting placing it back. The toilet seat riser is also more convenient and aesthetically pleasing for some who don’t wish to change the look of their toilet.  Toilet seat risers also aid in preventing falls, as well as help making ease of transfer from wheelchair to commode higher. 

Some people feel more comfortable and secure when using a toilet seat riser. These specially designed toilet seats can be used by taller people and by those who have trouble sitting down. The concept is very similar to that of a padded shower chair for taller people in terms of allowing them to sit higher. These shower seats are exceptional when it comes to providing comfort and ease of use for those who just had surgery, are in recovery, or who have trouble bending down due to back issues.


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