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Locking Raised Toilet Seats / Toilet Seat Risers with Lock

Locking raised toilet seats are the perfect option for a secure raised toilet seat that is easy to remove when necessary. AvaCare Medical carries a huge selection of locking raised toilet seats for you to choose from. You can find a locking raised toilet seat with arms or without on our site right now! Read more...

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  1. E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat
    E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat
    Starting at $67.68
  2. E-Z Lock Elevated Toilet Seat, 5"
  3. E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat, 5"
  4. Locking Raised Toilet Seat w/ Removable Armrests
  5. Safe Lock Raised Toilet Seat
  6. Elevated Locking Toilet Seat
    Elevated Locking Toilet Seat
    Starting at $30.62
  7. Locking Raised Toilet Seats
  8. Raised Toilet Seat with Lock
    Raised Toilet Seat with Lock
    Starting at $48.33
  9. Raised Toilet Seat by Drive
  10. Elevated Toilet Seat with Removable Padded Arms
  11. McKesson Raised Toilet Seat with Arms 5"
  12. Raised Toilet Seat with Lock and Lid, 4"

Items 1-12 of 16

Set Descending Direction

Benefits of a Locking Raised Toilet Seat

A locking raised toilet seat locks securely into place over rim of the toilet. It is safe and supportive, and will therefore ensure that the person feels calm and secure while using it. And yet although the locking elevated toilet seat is supportive and safe, due to the locking mechanism, it is not permanently installed. This means that, when necessary, the locking toilet seat riser can be removed. This allows for thorough cleaning of the entire raised toilet seat; even the underside, and for easy cleaning of the rim of the toilet. 

The fact that the locking raised toilet seat can be removed is also beneficial for when there are several people sharing a bathroom; the seat can be unlocked and taken off by any individual who is using that bathroom. Of course, if anyone removes the locking raised toilet seat, he should put it back into place as promptly as possible so that the person who requires use of this seat won’t have any issues of it being out of place. 

Aside from standard locking raised toilet seats, AvaCare Medical also has several options of locking raised toilet seats with arms. These raised toilet seats are even more safe and supportive, since they provide the user with something sturdy to grasp onto as he gets on and off. Getting on and off the seat can be be an order that provokes anxiety in many elderly individuals. Sometimes, while getting onto or off of the toilet seat, the person can feel like he’s about to topple. This can be a terrifying feeling. 

A raised toilet seat with a lock and arms reduces such anxiety, since it lessens the distance the user needs to bend in order to get onto the seat, and therefore, makes it easier for the person to maintain his balance. 


Find the perfect locking raised toilet seat, with or without arms, on AvaCare Medical today. You can also find any other kind of medical supplies for elderly and disabled individuals. Whether you’re looking for grab rails, a transfer chair or even vitamins or minerals, you can find it all at AvaCare Medical; your one-stop online shop for medical supplies. Shop now and enjoy free shipping on your order over $50!