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Handicap Bathtub Transfer Chairs / Sliding Shower Seats for Disabled

Sliding shower seats for disabled individuals make the process of transitioning into the bathtub less of a hassle. Sliding shower seats at AvaCare Medical are well-made, safe, and easy to use. Make life less complicated by investing in a sliding shower today! Read more...

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  1. Non-Padded Bariatric Transfer Bench
  2. McKesson Transfer Bench 2 Each
  3. PMI Padded Transfer Bench with Non Skid Feet
    PMI Padded Transfer Bench with Non Skid Feet
    Starting at $176.45
  4. Lumex Bariatric Transfer Bench, 13" x 29-1/2" x 20-1/2", Grey
  5. Carex Transfer Bench w/ Commode
    Carex Transfer Bench w/ Commode
    Starting at $93.68
  6. Carex Bathtub Transfer Bench, Case
  7. Therafin Commode Transfer Board
  8. Padded Transfer Bench w/ Commode
  9. Sliding-Rotating Transfer Bench
  10. Maddak Adjustable Transfer Bench
  11. Bath Safe Transfer Bench
    Bath Safe Transfer Bench
  12. Heavy Duty Sliding Transfer Bench, Commode Opening

Items 1-12 of 26

Set Descending Direction

Oftentimes, elderly and disabled individuals have trouble standing for extended periods of time. This can make showering quite difficult. Some people are unable to stand at all due to their disability, and, therefore, find showering to be an impossible task. For such people, a handicap bathtub transfer chair could be a great tool to help with the task of bathing or showering. Actually, even those who do have the ability to stand up can find it difficult to step over the shower wall. These people, too, will benefit immensely from having a handicap transfer bench kept in the bathroom. 

Handicap Bathtub Transfer Chairs: When and Why to Use Them

Handicap bathtub transfer chairs allow for accessing the bath or shower easily. They feature four legs; two that remain outside of the bathtub and two that are stationary inside the bathtub. This allows for the user to sit down on the bench on the side that’s outside the tub, and slide across it so that he is in the tub. This reduces the possibility of the occurrence of a slip or fall. The seats are often comprised of durable plastic with non-slip features, which allow for the individual to get into the shower area without any pinches or lacerations occurring on the way. The legs of the handicap bath transfer seat provide non slip grips on their feet to reduce slip and fall hazards for the user. Transfer shower chairs for disabled users provide safety and come in many varieties to meet any user’s specific needs. 

Handicap Bathtub Transfer Chairs Come in Many Brands

There are many brands and models of handicap bathtub transfer chairs from which to choose. These seats can range from heavy duty, sliding seat mechanism, commode seat, easy storage, and many more options to fit individual needs. A few leading models and their features are:

  • Carex- Offers handicap bathtub transfer chairs that have features such as universal benches to accommodate left or right hand entry to the shower area. They also offer features such as padded benches with or without a commode and pail. Weight ranges on these sliding bath chairs for the disabled are from 300-400 pounds. 
  • Drive Medical- Offers users a wide range of features including adjustable backrests and reversible capabilities to fit most bathroom styles. Some models also offer the sliding seat mechanism that slides right to left and back. The brand also offers handicap transfer shower chairs that have a padded seat with or without a commode. The maximum weight capacity on this brand of chairs accommodates between 300 and 500 pounds.
  • Graham Field–This brand features sliding shower seats for the disabled that are padded, with and without a commode, and can accommodate any bathroom. They also offer a bariatric handicap transfer shower bench that has a weight capacity up to 600 pounds. 
  • Guardian- Offers non padded and padded transfer shower chairs with various weight capacities. Guardian even offers a bariatric transfer shower chair which can bear up to 550 pounds, and features 6 legs and a cross bar to provide support and make it more durable. 
  • McKesson- Produces handicap bathtub transfer chairs that have suction cup feet for added grip and safety. They have removable arm and back rests and come in universal fit models to accommodate any bathroom. The maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs.
  • Medline- This brand takes pride in its handicap shower transfer bench features, such as suction cup feet, reversible capability and height-adjustable back rests. Their bariatric seat model accommodates a weight capacity of 550 lbs. 

Handicap Bathtub Transfer Chairs Have Numerous Features

Some of the best benefits to consider with handicap shower transfer seats are non-slip grips on the feet, removable or universal arms and backrests, padding, and commode options. Non-slip grips on the feet sometimes represent a better choice than suction cups, since suction cups can slide if they are not suctioned properly to the floor. Removable and universal arms and back rests on handicap shower transfer benches are good options for accommodating bathrooms that are left or right hand entry. Padded shower transfer chairs could make the seat more comfortable for prolonged usage. The commode feature on handicap shower transfer benches not only provides access for bathroom use but also provides access for perineal care. Another feature that is a great benefit is the adjustable height capability of the seat area. This allows easier sitting and standing for those who may have trouble with bending. 

Additional Benefits of a Handicap Bathtub Transfer Chair

Use of a handicap bathtub transfer seat makes bathing easier for those who have difficulty standing or find it frightening or strenuous to get into the tub. Handicap bathtub transfer benches aid in safer bathtub entry by allowing users to sit down at their comfortable height and move into the bathtub at their own pace without the fear of falling or tripping over the bathtub wall. With handicap bathtub shower chairs, the transition into the bathtub is smoother, and, therefore, less likely to cause lacerations. Handicap shower benches with arms can aid a user in maneuvering himself safely with a handle for added support. Back rests on handicap shower transfer chairs also help users stay safe and fully supported by providing a rest for the back so that one is less likely to fall. Shower transfer seats for handicapped users help caregivers as well, by allowing them to safely assist their patients in and out of the bath. With the extra support of the hand grips, non-slip seating, and ease of moving, injury risk is greatly reduced. Transfer shower benches make it less likely to endure slip and fall hazards, creating a safer bathroom environment for caregivers and patients. 

AvaCare Medical is proud to provide millions of seniors with the medical supplies they need, at the right prices. Whether it’s a handicap bathtub transfer chair you’re searching for, or you simply need any other sort of medical supplies for seniors, you can find it on AvaCare Medical. If there are any questions you have, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-813-7799, and our caring and competent customer care reps will be happy to assist you.