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Sliding Shower Chairs for Elderly / Transfer Shower Chairs for Elderly

Find sliding shower chairs for elderly users now! AvaCare Medical, one of the online’s largest medical supplies stores for seniors, has a wide selection of transfer shower chairs designed for senior citizens. Read more...

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  1. McKesson Transfer Bench 2 Each
  2. PMI Padded Transfer Bench with Non Skid Feet
    PMI Padded Transfer Bench with Non Skid Feet
    Starting at $176.45
  3. Lumex Bariatric Transfer Bench, 13" x 29-1/2" x 20-1/2", Grey
  4. Carex Transfer Bench w/ Commode
    Carex Transfer Bench w/ Commode
    Starting at $93.68
  5. Carex Bathtub Transfer Bench, Case
  6. Therafin Commode Transfer Board
  7. Padded Transfer Bench w/ Commode
  8. Sliding-Rotating Transfer Bench
  9. Maddak Adjustable Transfer Bench
  10. Bath Safe Transfer Bench
    Bath Safe Transfer Bench
  11. Heavy Duty Sliding Transfer Bench, Commode Opening
  12. Universal Transfer Bench
    Universal Transfer Bench

Items 1-12 of 26

Set Descending Direction

Shower chairs help accommodate those who struggle to stand for the duration of time required to bathe. Sliding shower chairs also allow users to sit outside of the bath and then slide into the bath area without stepping over the bathtub ledge. This reduces the risk of trips and injuries in the bathroom.

Shower chairs for elderly users offer many benefits, one of which is the ability to sit comfortably and confidently, knowing that you are being adequately supported. Types of sliding shower chairs for senior citizens include those with or without padding, and those with commode openings.

What is the Primary Purpose of Sliding Shower Chairs for the Elderly?

The primary utility of sliding shower chairs is to allow users to maintain independence and safety while performing daily living tasks. A sliding shower bench allows one to shower with comfort, and even features added security measures such as handles, armrests, and backrests. Sliding shower chairs allow senior users to be seated while transferring into the bathing area, reducing the risk of injury. By sitting and going at their own pace, users are less likely to endure falls. Being able to move at a slower, more comfortable pace can prevent lacerations, and promotes confidence in regard to their ability to perform this daily living task. 

Benefits of Using Sliding Shower Chairs Made for the Elderly

Sliding shower benches built for elderly people allow for easier assisted bathing. Along with that, senior users often feel more capable in terms of their independent care when they have a sliding shower bench. Such care is important for longevity and quality of life. Various models of sliding shower chairs offer distinct features to suit all different users. One model features a commode opening in the shower transfer bench. This feature is beneficial for users who have incontinence issues, and for accommodating perineal care. Another model would be a padded shower transfer bench which gives the benefit of comfort. Transfer shower chairs for the elderly help users to feel safe, secure, and confident independent care. 

Top Brands That Manufacture Transfer Benches

  • Drive Medical - Offers transfer shower benches for the elderly that are padded and non-padded. Some of these models feature open commode seats and pails. Most of the seats from Drive have a weight capacity of 400 pounds. These seats also feature an area for the shower curtain that keeps water from getting outside of the tub. This feature is conducive for a safe and sanitary environment. Many models feature rubber suction cup tips on the feet. They also have non slip surfaces and can usually be adjusted to the desired height. 
  • Carex - has some sliding transfer benches that are padded, and some that are not. They also have features such as universal transfer shower chairs which allow for easy movement of the arm, and feature back rests for optimal comfort. The seat height of these transfer benches is often adjustable, and the seat and backrest surface is often comprised of a non-slip material. Most of these sliding shower transfer benches have a weight capacity of 300 to 400 pounds.

Of course, these are not all the brands that AvaCare Medical carries stock from; these are just two of the top manufacturers both worldwide and nationwide. You can check out our site for options from these and other top brands!


Sliding shower chairs for elderly users are constructed of these five common materials: 

  • Aluminum: Sliding shower chair frames are often constructed of aluminum due to its anti-rust constitution, as well as its ability to hold a lot of weight.
  • Blow-Molded Plastic: Blow-molded plastic offer antifungal and antimicrobial benefits to the users. This, along with its strength, makes it a great material for constructing shower chairs with.
  • PVC Plastic: PVC plastic is commonly used in the medical industry. Some companies use this material for their sliding shower transfer seats to increase a model’s seating weight capacity.
  • Vinyl and Foam: Many companies use heavy duty vinyl and foam to create a soft cushion for transfer chairs. This allows greater comfort for elderly patients during bathing and transferring.
  • Rubber: All of AvaCare Medical’s transfer benches feature rubber-tipped feet in order to increase safety and allow more mobility on the transfer bench. This ensures that the bench remains in place during use. Some benches even have feet tips with suction cups, which help even more in wet conditions.

All of these materials have been tested to withstand the realities associated with weight-bearing and wet conditions. All of these sliding shower transfer seats have been tested and passed numerous safety standards to ensure they are made of reliable materials for holding the specified weight capacity and being in the water for a prolonged period of time. 

Why Shower Chairs for the Elderly Are Safe

The majority sliding shower benches for elderly people feature seats with a non-slip texture to allow for the user to move across it easily, without getting hurt. These shower chairs are safe enough to help the user avoid slipping and falling. Senior citizens are at the highest risk of falling from all age groups. As such, AvaCare Medical wants to help lower those numbers drastically by providing the best shower chairs possible.

Almost all shower chairs feature non-slip armrests, as well as a quality backrest to ensure safe support and to help ease any back pain that the senior may suffer from. All transfer benches are height-adjustable and have pinch-free push buttons that allow for extension from a half inch to one-inch increments, depending on the model and the brand.

A-frames, which represent the majority of frame constructions, maximize stability and sturdiness. Some bariatric transfer benches and heavy duty frames have six legs, and cross bars under the seating area (which sits in the bathing area) to add extra strength and durability. 

AvaCare Medical takes pride in offering the best sliding shower chairs and transfer shower benches for senior citizens. We understand and care about your safety first and foremost, but we also recognize the importance of retaining independence in your hygiene routine. That’s why all of our manufactured products are delivered to you with a quality 30-Day Return Policy! If you have any concerns or need customer support, we’re only an email or phone call away. Simply dial 1-877-813-7799 during business hours to speak with our representatives. Of course, if you’d rather chat and see us online, we’d be happy to speak with you on-site as well.