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Swivel Transfer Bench: Sliding Tub Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

If you’re looking for a sliding tub transfer bench with a swivel seat, you’ve come to the right site. AvaCare Medical has some of the best sliding tub transfer benches with swivel seats that are currently available on the market! Nothing should ever stand in the way of someone who needs to get in and out of the tub, but, unfortunately, some bathroom layouts make it pretty difficult to do just that. This is where a swivel sliding transfer bench will come in handy. Read more...

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Important Features of a Sliding Tub Transfer Bench with a Swivel Seat

There are many features which make this type of transfer bench helpful for users. For starters, a regular transfer bench simply allows users to scoot from outside of the tub to the inside of the tub. While this helps to make things easier for some, it can be a problem for other seniors and disabled users, since it can sometimes cause skin tears, as well as other dermatological-related issues.

Sliding transfer chairs prevent the aforementioned from occurring, and they also allow for the maximum amount of mobility. A typical problem arises when people try to look for a transfer bench with a swivel seat that also slides, as this is somewhat hard to find in a comfortable and visually appealing model. Fortunately, AvaCare Medical has these in stock to provide options that are both comfortable and convenient!

Benefits of Using a Sliding Tub Transfer Bench with a Swivel Seat

Of course, user-friendliness is the obvious factor to consider when using a sliding shower bench with a swivel seat. The swivel seat makes it much easier to glide gently into and out of the tub. A user or caregiver can easily scoot the bather by simply sliding the seat on its guided rail. The other benefit is that the seat itself swivels. Sometimes, cabinetry or other obstacles can get in the way when it comes to accessing or exiting the bathtub. The ability to swivel the seat can cause one to avoid knocking into cabinetry, toilets, and other items that may be in the way. This increased mobility brings with it other great benefits too!

Reach for Things More Easily

When someone is using a transfer bench with a back that doesn’t swivel, he will have a harder time reaching for items such as shampoo, conditioner, and even the shower head. At the same time, he may have a harder time trying to reach their towel for drying off.

Height Adjustability

All of the swivel sliding bath chairs that AvaCare Medical provides are completely height-adjustable. Some of them also have a leg system designed for quick height adjustment from anywhere between 16 to 23 inches (in 0.25” increments).


Durable blow-molded PVC has the ability to accommodate large weights. Most transfer benches that are comprised of PVC hold anywhere from 300 pounds and up. The shower transfer benches with swivel seats that are made by Maddak are even more durable than other shower chairs, and can hold up to 450 lbs. 

Extra Accessory Features

Nobody likes having to reach for the soap, especially once it gets wet. Senior citizens are at the greatest risk of slips and falls, and many of these accidents occur in the bathtub or shower. Many factors can cause this, from mobility issues to occasional hazards like soap residue on the floor surface. Therefore, having extra features in place such as a soap holder on your swivel tub transfer bench can help deter slips caused by soap residue.

An additional feature which many people already use a swivel sliding bath bench for is the shower spray holder, which accommodates a detachable showerhead. This both aids in perineal cleaning and makes other items more reachable.

Storing a Sliding Tub Transfer Bench with a Swivel Seat

It is a lot easier to quickly and simply store a sliding swivel bench made entirely of PVC that snaps together. Some shower chairs and transfer benches are a breeze to assemble and disassemble, but they still aren’t made for easy transport. Having one made entirely of plastic and able to snap together easily can make it possible to take a tub transfer bench with a swivel seat possible along with you when you travel places.

Maintaining your bathtub swivel transfer bench is simple. Sliding transfer benches can be easily cleaned; just rinse it off with antibacterial soap and water, or with sanitizer wipes. To make it even easier, though, being able to disassemble a swivel sliding bath transfer bench quickly can enable more efficient drying as well. One can simply disassemble, wash, dry the parts, and then snap everything back together when the time comes for cleaning the sturdy sliding rotating transfer bench.


If you’re one of the many individuals looking for a sliding tub transfer bench with a swivel seat, AvaCare Medical has got you covered! We offer only the best when it comes to sliding transfer benches with swivel seats, and we’re here to answer your call toll free at 1-877-813-7799. We stand ready to address any questions about our website, with your order, or simply general inquiries and matters of discussion. You may also chat today with our highly trained customer support representatives who know everything about our products!