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Low Hospital Bed / Low Bed for Elderly

A low bed for the elderly is an ideal choice for anyone in need of a lower frame than the standard hospital bed offers. The typical hospital bed is about 35 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress. This may cause problems for those who suffer from knee or hip issues, as well as shorter individuals. Therefore, it’s important that these people can find a low hospital bed that meets the same needs and provides the same benefits as a full-sized bed. At AvaCare Medical, our line of lower bed frames for the elderly includes some from the top-rated DME manufacturers in the US! Read more...

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  1. Invacare Full Electric Low Hospital Bed
    Invacare Full Electric Low Hospital Bed
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  2. Medline Full Electric Low Basic Bed
    Medline Full Electric Low Basic Bed
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  3. Delta Ultralight Full-Electric Low Bed
    Delta Ultralight Full-Electric Low Bed
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  4. MedLite Bed
    MedLite Bed
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  5. Carroll Deluxe Low Electric Bed
    Carroll Deluxe Low Electric Bed
  6. Complete Home Care Full Electric Bed Package
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  7. ProBasics Full-Electric Bed with Built In Low Bed Option
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7 Items

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How to Choose the Right Low Hospital Bed

Finding a low hospital bed is crucial for those who are prone to falls. Such a bed mitigates the risks associated with a standard hospital bed. This risk is often influenced by age, medication, and many more factors. By lowering the distance between the floor and the top of the bed, one can reduce the amount of impact or injury that may occur due to a fall.

Having a hospital bed that is low to the floor can also improve the user’s level of balance while getting in and out of bed. Actually, due to the rising debate on side rails for beds, ultra-low hospital beds are becoming more popular these days.

Manual vs. Electric Low Beds

Most of these low profile hospital beds come in the same three styles as the more traditional hospital bed models; manual, full-electric, and semi-electric.

  • Low Manual Beds: Manual frames are operated by the caregiver, with a hand crank. A hospital bed that lowers to the floor may be necessary, but choosing a manual model has one downside: These beds often require rigorous hand or foot cranking to adjust the bed height or the head and foot areas. This can often lead to motion injury, fatigue, and even back pain.
  • Low Full-Electric Beds: Low hospital beds that feature fully electric frames are commonly used by those who are confined to their beds and are nearly immobile, and some users who need full-electric low hospital beds for sale may not even be able to move at all. Most of our electric low beds for the elderly are affordably priced and are meant to help users in every respect possible in terms of versatility – from standard low frames all the way to bariatric models. Full-electric beds offer a way to electrically adjust the bed completely, and in some cases, they even have a hand crank just in case of an emergency, such as a power outage. Such a situation would, of course, require the caregiver to manually crank the bed. 
  • Semi-Electric Low-Frame Beds: Semi electric low-frame beds are almost identical to traditional models in terms of what they provide to the users. They provide a way for users to electronically control the head and foot area of the bed, while the height is still manually adjusted by means of a hand crank or other manual means. These low hospital beds can provide the lower bed height for the elderly that only low beds can achieve, but just like a standard semi-electric bed, height adjustments are almost always performed by a caregiver.

Low Beds May Differ in Frame Style

Low beds may come in model types that are very similar to other categories of home hospital beds, but they are essentially a low-profile bed for seniors instead. Their height is much shorter, as noted above. There are also multiple frame styles in which a low bed is available for purchase. Many low beds are made with minimal frames so they can easily fit into a room. There is also the most basic frame design, which is the metal design that many people recognize; this version allows the bed to sit very close to the floor.

This super-minimal design often appears to be secretly tucked under the mattress. The downside to this is that while they are often very affordable compared to some others out there, these models don’t offer much for a frame in terms of decorative value. This is why many models that are produced have a headboard and footboard that are sleek and stylish, making it obvious that there’s more than just a mattress there.

What They’re Made From

Since many low beds are considered lightweight in terms of their weight capacity, these ultra low beds need to be made of high quality materials so they can withstand the proper weight requirements. These hospital beds are often made with a combination of durable steel, coated springs, durable flat mattress platform so the bed is as sturdy as possible, and consists of quality medical-grade manufacturing materials.

One should always ensure that when they choose their bed that they select one that has a higher weight capacity than their own weight. It’s also prudent to never sacrifice safety for style or design. If a user needs additional support, a bed with handrails is the optimal choice.

Size Matters Most

While weight capacity is extremely important to keep in mind when shopping for low hospital beds, it is also crucial that the size of the hospital bed not only holds their weight but fits in their room. It isn’t fun to realize once it arrives that it doesn’t fit into the bedroom. To prevent such circumstances, be sure to measure hallways, door frames, and room dimensions to verify that a purchase will work in a given home. Further, ensure that there is enough room around the model for a caretaker to maneuver around it and to make additional positioning adjustments.


Here at AvaCare Medical, we want to hear your thoughts, opinions, and concerns. It’s our pleasure to assist you with ordering your low bed for the elderly. With brands like Drive Medical, Medline, Invacare, and many more, our low hospital beds can aid you in achieving your mobility or caregiving needs! Call us at 1-877-813-7799 today!