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Queen Size Hospital Bed / Queen Hospital Bed for Home Use

When trying to find a queen size hospital bed, people often become confused because hospital beds don’t actually measure like normal beds. But have no fear! Even though a hospital bed that’s queen size may not be available, there are hospital-grade sleeping surfaces that can fit on bariatric beds in order to create a queen size hospital bed for home use. And no matter how large of a hospital bed one needs, AvaCare Medical has many different size beds available from some of the best brands. Read more...

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  1. Invacare Full Electric Low Hospital Bed
    Invacare Full Electric Low Hospital Bed
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  2. Invacare Semi Electric Hospital Bed
    Invacare Semi Electric Hospital Bed
    Starting at $1,107.33
  3. Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed
    Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed
    Starting at $1,266.77
  4. Medline Semi Electric Basic Bed
    Medline Semi Electric Basic Bed
    Starting at $572.67
  5. Medline Full Electric Low Basic Bed
    Medline Full Electric Low Basic Bed
    Starting at $773.58
  6. Medline Full Electric Bed
    Medline Full Electric Bed
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  7. MedLite Bed
    MedLite Bed
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  8. Super Bariatric Full-Electric Bed
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  9. Invacare Manual Homecare Bed
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9 Items

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Queen Size Hospital Beds Are Hard to Find

The primary reason why people have a hard time finding queen hospital beds is that hospital bed sizes are markedly different from regular bed sizes. Hospital beds are normally only 36 inches wide, but 80 inches long. The length is the size appropriate for a normal Queen size bed, but the width is actually just narrower than that of a twin sized bed frame.

Queen size regular beds are approximately 54-60 inches wide by 80 inches long. A version closest to a queen size medical bed in our inventory is that of a larger bariatric model, measuring about 54 inches wide and 94 inches long. Many people, therefore, do consider these bariatric models to be Queen sized beds because they are somewhat comparable in size. However, the width is more equivalent to that of a full size bed frame. These models do prove much longer, though, as full size beds are often only about 75 inches long. There are some pressure mattresses that are the same width and height as a queen size bed, but these often would require a width extender to accommodate a queen sized larger sleep surface on it.

How to Choose the Right Queen Size Hospital Bed

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when purchasing any hospital bed. With so many varieties and options out there, it may be difficult to find the queen hospital bed that one needs. However, with the following information, hopefully we can make things a little bit easier! Here are some things to consider when shopping for queen size beds for sale, aside from the mere bed and mattress sizes. 

Types of Hospital Bed Adjustment Controls

There are three different types of hospital beds out there in terms of which adjustment controls they use. The adjustment controls allow for the user or the caregiver to properly adjust the top portion (the head), the bottom section (legs and feet), and the height. The type the user or caregiver should purchase will be determined by which model will yield the most benefit. The three types are:

  • Full-Electric Beds: As one of the primarily chosen options, full-electric beds are able to give both the caregiver as well as the user control of the adjustment levels by means of electronic controls. Many times, these come with either on-bed controls or a remote controller. These may either come with the bed or can be purchased separately for some brands. These beds are perfect for those who retain a degree of their motor function and they also provide caregivers a much easier experience in terms of positioning and transfers. Many electric beds made today also have manual cranks to provide a backup means of positioning and adjustment during emergencies or power outages.
  • Semi-Electric Beds: Semi-electric beds are a combination of both electric and manual beds. However, they often only allow the user to control the adjustments of the head and foot sections of the bed. The height of the bed is only adjustable by a caregiver using manual means such as cranks so the user cannot raise or lower the bed and cause possible problems. One of the positive things about these hi-low beds is that they can often lower in order to help users with transfers. Additionally, they also keep the user from raising the bed too high, which can put them at risk for serious injury or even death, from a fall.
  • Manually Adjusted Beds: Manual queen beds are adjusted by means of manual cranks only. Some people question the benefit of these, but there truly are a lot of advantages associated with having a manual bed. For starters, the price of a manual bed is often lower than that of electric models. Secondly, they prove especially helpful because a caregiver is able to physically handle adjusting the beds with the adjustment cranks. Further, they are often a lot lighter, making them easier to move around when needed.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bed

Just like any other piece of medical equipment, it’s very important to understand what to look for when buying a bed. Hospital beds are meant to be used to help expedite the transferring of a user as well as to improve comfort, circulation, and provide many other health benefits in a safe manner. Therefore, one needs to consider the following points concerning a queen size hospital bed before they purchase one:

  • The Weight Capacity of the Bed: The weight capacity is a crucial factor that should never be overlooked on any piece of medical equipment or home hospital bed. One needs to make sure that the bed can safely hold the patient as well as the sleep surface, any attachments such as bed rails or other hospital bed accessories, and still not exceed the weight capacity. We stock bariatric models that are perfect for heavier users and enable one to use a queen size hospital bed mattress on the frame.
  • The Size of the Bed: The bed size itself is also important. While some users wish to have a queen size, they may not have the required room in their homes. Make sure that the room can safely hold a queen bed and allow for additional room for movement around the model so that adjustments are possible when needed. One may find that they have to downgrade their bed size in order to accommodate for this.
  • The Bed Type: As mentioned above, a user needs to consider the entire scope of their specific needs. If they’re bedridden and are unable to use the controls themselves, they may benefit more from a semi-electric or even manual bed. If they have a degree of motor function and mobility, they may benefit from having an electric or semi-electric bed. Further, use of a partial bed rail will provide something to hold onto while transferring to their walking aid or wheelchair.

If you’re looking for a hospital bed that’s queen sized, check out our selection. Our queen size hospital beds are specifically designed to hold larger patients who need bariatric support, and if need be, one can easily buy an extender kit in order to achieve the bed width and length they need. We’d also love to hear from you! Give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 with any questions or concerns. Additionally, you can always email us anytime!