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Hospital Bed Air Mattress / Air Mattress for Hospital Beds

Choosing the right air mattress for a hospital bed is very important, since the right mattress will allow you to feel as comfortable as possible. There are actually many hospital bed air mattresses that are specifically designed for hospital beds that are used at home and in medical facilities. These mattresses provide a large number of benefits to users and patients. AvaCare Medical has a wide variety of medical air mattresses from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Read More...

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What is a Hospital Air Mattress?

Hospital air mattresses are constructed differently than the air mattresses that people are accustomed to buying or using for camping or everyday life. These are designed to help evenly distribute the weight of the user, to prevent pressure pain which arises when a significant amount of body weight is concentrated on specific body areas. This provides exceptional relief and can help eliminate and prevent pressure sores (bedsores) in addition to providing maximum support to the user’s skeletal system. These specially designed airflow mattresses are proven to increase comfort for the duration of use. 

Benefits of Air Mattresses for Hospital Beds

An air flow mattress has significantly more benefits, even aside from comfort and pressure relief. By using an air mattress for a home hospital bed, users and caregivers can ensure that they and their patients are very well taken care of. Some of the common benefits and features an air flow mattress for a hospital bed are: 

Promote Good Circulation

Air mattresses allow users to experience quality blood flow and improved circulation. This helps to alleviate pain and discomfort that is commonly associated with poor circulation in addition to minimizing inflammation of the muscles, bones, and joints. When an air mattress user is bedridden for long hours of the day, these features are helpful, since they help to make the body’s pressure points feel like there is fresh contact on the surface. This is perfect for seniors who suffer from arthritis or other medical conditions. 

Minimize Pressure Sores

By having alternating pressure points on the mattress, these products allow the user to not only move comfortably; they also prevent pressure from being focused on one spot constantly. This allows for additional wound care, as the air mattress acts very similarly to the way a wheelchair cushion does for users who have to sit for long periods of time. With multiple points of pressure that constantly shift, a user is much less likely to develop bedsores. 

Keep Users Cool and Comfortable

The low air loss technology that the top manufacturers use in their mattresses allows the air to escape from each cell while providing comfort and relief, in addition to supporting the areas that need it the most. This helps users and patients feel like they’re sitting “on a cloud”. The technology also allows users of a hospital grade air mattress to stay cool and experience maximum skin breathability, which helps minimize sweating and provides improved moisture control. 

More Comfortable than Other Mattresses

Due to the technology and all of the benefits listed above, an air flow mattress for a medical bed is considered to be the most therapeutic air mattress type on the market. A mattress with air flow technology is also widely used in hospitals since they accommodate such a wide variety of patients who have many different needs in terms of comfort. It’s also better for bedridden patients to use an air mattress, since they are more comfortable than regular or inner-spring mattresses. 

Easy to Control

Many air flotation mattresses have programmable air controls that allow the user to control the firmness of either the mattress as a whole or individual sections of it depending on the model. This way users and caregivers (or hospital staff in the medical setting) can ensure that no one pressure point has excessive pressure placed on it. Many patient air mattresses also include a control box with additional controls and features to reduce accidents and to prevent tampering which could cause harm to both the mattress and the patient. 

Fire Resistance

The medical-grade material used in an air mattress for patients is often fire-resistant. This allows for the ultimate safety and meets many federal and medical guidelines in order to be effective both for home use or even for medical facilities without posing a fire hazard. According to guidelines, every hospital mattress must have enough fire retardant chemicals in it when manufactured to be able to withstand the flame of a blowtorch for more than 60 seconds. This means that it may even help to keep the patient safer in the event of a rare fire emergency. 

Make Caregivers’ Jobs Easier

All of the above benefits associated with an airflow mattress for a hospital bed make a drastic difference in the amount of additional care that a caregiver can provide to the user. Electric air mattresses for hospital beds are easy to maintain and allow more opportunities for the caregiver to provide support for the patient in other ways that are needed. While air mattresses for medical use are popular in hospitals, an air mattress for bed bound patients is a very reasonable choice for those who are forced to stay at home. These mattresses provide a bit of relief for the caregiver or loved one who is responsible for care. 

Are Accessories Needed for Air Hospital Bed Mattresses?

Most air mattresses for medical beds are waterproof and weather resistant, but to help increase sanitation, there are numerous accessories for hospital beds that a person can utilize in order to keep the mattress safe, in addition to improving the quality of the air mattress itself. This includes mattress overlays and many other tools that can also make using an airflow mattress easier to maintain. These items also improve the user’s ability to be more comfortable, and they prevent and can also help treat pressure sores and ulcers.


Find the best air mattress for hospital beds available.Choose from air mattresses from ROHO, Medline, Drive Medical, microAir, and many other top manufacturers in the nation to give our clients an affordable yet high quality hospital bed air mattress. If you have any questions or concerns while browsing our site, don’t hesitate to chat with a representative or give us a call today at 1-877-813-7799.