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Alternating Pressure Mattress / APP Mattress

Alternating pressure mattresses (sometimes called APP mattresses) are widely used by both hospital facilities and home care bariatric users to provide complete relief from or maximum prevention and treatment of bedsores and pressure ulcers. AvaCare Medical now has a wide array of medical-grade alternating pressure air mattresses at reasonable price points. Read more in order to determine which model in our selection is the right air pressure mattress to suit your needs! Read More...

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What do Alternating Pressure Mattresses Really Do?

The way that alternating air mattresses work is by leveraging air inflation and deflation of the cells in an alternating back-and-forth method to constantly change pressure points and improve circulation for the patients. There are many benefits a user can enjoy, aside from just pressure sore relief, when using an alternating mattress system. Some of these additional benefits and features are: 

Improved Skin Conditions

Alternating pressure mattresses are often used for the purpose of helping to eliminate and provide pressure sore relief for elderly, bed-bound patients, and bariatric users who have an increased proclivity to develop bedsores. By using low pressure air mattresses, a user’s skin can breathe more easily, and this increases moisture control and eliminates perspiration. The alternating cells also prevent pressure from being concentrated on one spot for long periods of time. 

Increased Circulation and Blood Flow

The improved circulatory advantages of a pressure relieving air mattress can help to lower inflammation and promote healthy blood flow. This, in turn, promotes better overall cardiovascular health. 

Elimination of Joint Pain

Since a user of a pressure relief air mattress will experience improved circulation, they can also begin to see the reduction of some joint pain over time. Most alternating pressure mattresses have features that enable the user to not have too much pressure on areas that are prone to have higher weight-bearing on them, such as hips, shoulders, back, feet, and the head. This can help to reduce inflammation that is commonly associated with pain which is caused by using more traditional types of mattresses. 

Less Back Pain & Better Posture

The pressure points on alternating air flow mattresses can help to improve a user’s posture, ultimately resulting in a more comfortable rest. An alternating air mattress for a hospital bed can also provide complete spinal support, which further improves a user’s posture. Using an alternating air flow mattress can often lead to less back pain. 

How to Properly Choose the Right Alternating Pressure Mattress

Since an alternating air ripple mattress (that’s another name for an alternating pressure relief mattress) has so many benefits, it’s important to understand all the factors that can influence your decision about the best model. Some of the points that need to be considered are: 

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is one of the first things that a person needs to consider when choosing an alternating pressure relief system. There are many hospital beds out there, and many people make the mistake of choosing a bed that can’t properly handle the user’s weight. Aside from proper weight distribution, a person needs to ensure that the user, as well as the items that they may be putting on the mattress, won’t combine to exceed the weight capacity of the mattress itself. Doing so may not only void the warranty should any injury occur, but it can actually degrade the mattress, damage cell linings, and cause the mattress to become worn out or even ruined. This would obviously result in the need for purchasing yet another medical ripple mattress due to the reduction of the lifespan of the current one. 

Mattress Design

The design of an alternating air mattress is often based on the brand and model, as well as the purpose that the mattress is serving. Mattress design can be an important factor that reduces recovery time and improves the patient’s skin problems, reduces or prevents pressure sores, and more. 


The materials are extremely important to consider when it comes to choosing any medical-grade mattress, especially alternating pressure mattresses. Components of the air mattress need to be both fire-resistant and hypoallergenic so the patient can use the mattress comfortably and safely. In order to provide the best mattress to the user, one may also want to ensure that other items, such as the bed linens and the mattress cover, are made of materials that won’t irritate the skin. Otherwise, the mattress defeats its functional purpose of aiding with skin conditions. 

Motor’s Functionality

There are important things to realize when it comes to the way that an alternating pressure mattress works. One of these points involves how long the motor can run. Many motors, such as that of a low air loss mattress, may work consistently to provide ultimate relief. However, treatment times (the duration of the inflation cycle) on some alternating mattresses may vary. Some mattresses even come with a treatment timer in which the caregiver or medical staff can set pressure alternation to different intervals. These often range from 5-minute to 20-minute cycles. 

Additional Safety Features

If the patient is not the one in full control and is not properly trained in how to use an alternating pressure mattress, then they need to operate the bed’s controls either with extreme caution or not at all. Indeed, there may be additional safety measures built into the controls of an app mattress system. Sometimes, these systems feature locking capabilities that can keep unauthorized personnel from adjusting the beds and causing problems for both the user or the bed. Many beds also have additional features that keep them from bottoming out when a user is laying on them. Such an event could cause possible injury or more pressure to an area.


Here at AvaCare Medical, we want to connect you or your medical facility with the best alternating pressure mattress possible. We also offer our mattresses with free shipping, and, of course, we stand ready to answer any questions you have – simply give us a call at 1-877-813-7799! Otherwise, you can also send us an email anytime and we’ll respond as quickly as possible!