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Bedsore Mattress / Pressure Sore Mattress

Many users of hospital beds require bedsore relief, and fortunately a bedsore mattress can help to alleviate pressure ulcers and similar conditions. An air mattress for bedsores can help all kinds of patients; both those in medical facilities and ones at home, enjoy improved comfort and quality of life. Here at AvaCare Medical, we can offer a large variety of bed sore relief mattresses made by companies such as Briggs, 7, Roscoe Medical, and many more! Read More...

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What Are Bedsore Mattresses?

Bed sore mattresses are specially designed to help either alleviate or completely prevent bedsores. When a person is looking to buy an air mattress to prevent bed sores, they need to keep in mind that there is more than one type of pressure sore mattress on the market. Depending on the severity or risk of developing this condition, a user will choose which alternating pressure mattress for bedsores he wants to buy. Remember that other wound care mattresses may come in different materials, such as special memory gel. 

How Does a Pressure Sore Mattress Work?

Gel padded mattresses allow breathability and comfort, as well as pressure redistribution, by means of technology that helps to comfort and cushion the user. The most common pressure, however, is an air mattress for patients with bedsores. By using a hospital air mattress for bedsores, the patient is continuously redistributing their weight in multiple ways. The most common type is with an alternating pressure system that allows the weight to constantly shift back and forth on key pressure points so the user is more comfortable. Some people may notice the pressure difference, but many people don’t even realize that the pressure is alternating back and forth because the adjustment is usually very subtle. 

Another type of air mattress for the prevention of pressure sores is the low air loss mattress for pressure ulcers. This type of air mattress operates slightly differently than an alternating pressure mattress (even though many have alternating pressure functionality built in as well). Low air loss mattresses operate to allow the user to sleep on a “bed of air,” and are another great type of air mattress for pressure ulcers because of this capability. By adding a cushion of air between the user and the sleeping surface, this type of anti-bedsore mattress to prevent pressure ulcers creates an exceptional cooling effect, reduces moisture due to perspiration, and even improves a user’s circulation and posture, all at the same time. 

If someone can’t find an anti-bedsore air mattress to prevent pressure sores, they may be able to locate dedicated memory foam mattresses in our inventory that are meant to help prevent bed sores. While they don’t provide the same amount of complete comfort that an air mattress for bed sore prevention can achieve, they are still satisfactory among many home hospital bed users. 

How Much Does a Bedsore Mattress Cost?

Depending on the materials, the brand name, and the additional features that come with a special mattress for bed sores, the prices may vary. There are indeed some extremely affordable air mattresses in our inventory for sale at great prices, including some of our foam mattresses which are offered at around $150. The most expensive anti-bedsore mattress may be priced anywhere up to almost $11,000 for the most deluxe model of wound mattress (commonly purchased for the most high-end intensive care possible). The average mattress to avoid bed sores can be purchased for home use from $500 to over $1,000. 

Can an Air Mattress Break?

As with any other type of air mattress out there, alternating pressure and low air loss mattresses can indeed fail. A ripple mattress for bedsores (another name for an alternating pressure relief mattress) operates in different modes and allows treatment modes as well as static airflow operation. Unfortunately, many users break air cells by getting in or out of bed while the bed is in the middle of its alternating phase. The deflated cell then has too much weight on it, and this causes the tube to break from the air hose. Therefore, the static mode should always be used when transferring in and out of the bed, such as when transferring to a wheelchair or when using a commode. By using static mode, all of the cells will be inflated at once so that it is completely firm and protects the user, as well as the cells of the mattress. 

Other Benefits of a Bed Sore Mattress

Some people think that a hospital mattress to prevent pressure sores only has one purpose, but there are numerous benefits that they provide along with just being a mattress for bedsore patients. Patients can also use an air mattress for bed sore prevention, as well as to improve their overall health and in-bed experience. The more comfortable a patient is, the more the pressure mattress for pressure sores can do for them. Other benefits of a bedsore bed mattress are: 

Circulation Improvements

Most users benefit by using an air bed for pressure ulcers because these products improve circulation for the patients. This has pain relief, cardiovascular, respiratory, and even endoskeletal health benefits. By improving circulation, muscles and bones are able to help promote healthy blood flow to all of the vital organs and muscles much easier. For the bones, there is little or no pressure on them, which can actually lessen the pain a bedridden patient often feels, and help to ease chronic conditions associated with the pressure (or lack thereof) on the bones. 

Antimicrobial Properties

Due to the materials used in a mattress for preventing bed sores as well as the design of the mattress, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties are in place. They are also weather resistant and waterproof, and therefore allow for easy cleaning and disinfecting when needed (such as when a patient suffers from incontinence). While they still need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly, this can be done easily with either a bleach and water sanitizer solution or a proprietary cleaning solution that won’t cause the fabric to degrade. 

Hypoallergenic Materials

The materials from which an airflow mattress for pressure sores is made are hypoallergenic, making them perfect for elderly people and those with sensitive skin. Many people are allergic to certain chemicals and ingredients such as latex. Using an air mattress system allows users a skin-safe environment to sleep on. Furthermore, the hospital-grade materials are also fire resistant and allow extra protection of the patient in the event of an emergency.


Find the perfect bed sore mattress at AvaCare Medical today! Our top-of-the-line anti-pressure sore mattresses are made with precision and care by the best manufacturers in the world. Our professional caregiver team is ready to answer your calls during our business hours; reach out to our care team at 1-877-813-7799 during business hours, or send an email anytime!