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Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Pad Pump and System

Sometimes, you or your loved one may suffer from pressure sores and need relief. If this is the case, then you may want to look into purchasing an alternating air pressure mattress pad with a pump and system to help provide cushioned relief! At AvaCare Medical, we offer the best alternating pressure mattress pads with pumps, made by top manufacturers. Alternating pressure pads and pumps provide numerous benefits, including pressure ulcer treatment capabilities. Read More...

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  1. Alternating Pressure Pad and Pump System
    Alternating Pressure Pad and Pump System
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  2. Waffle Mattress Overlay w/ Pump
    Waffle Mattress Overlay w/ Pump
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  3. Protekt Aire 1000 Fixed Alternating Pump & Pad System
  4. Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad
    Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad
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  5. Med-Aire Tubing for Alternating Pressure Pump
  6. Med Aire Fixed Pressure Pump
  7. Med Aire Variable Pressure Pump
  8. Manual Pump for Air Mattress
  9. Airone Alternating Pressure Pads
    Airone Alternating Pressure Pads
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  10. Genesis I Pump and Pad System
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10 Items

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What is an Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Pad Pump and System?

An alternating pressure pump and pad system comprises a two-part solution that uses both an air mattress pad and an air pump together to provide alternating pressure for on top of a hospital bed. This allows the patient to get the most pressure relief possible. The air pads in alternating pressure overlays are built with numerous pockets for the air to enter and escape, allowing the alternating pressure to move throughout the pump accordingly. While a person is using the bed, the system is continuously inflating and deflating at regular intervals. 

Are Alternating Pressure Overlays Made Differently?

Naturally, alternating pressure mattress pads with a pump have an electronic pump system that is programmed to release air at defined intervals, but there is more to them than just this. Most manual air pads are made of polyvinyl material, but for an alternating pressure pad, they have to accommodate the constant inflation, deflation, as well as the pressure on them all at the same time. Therefore, they’re made of high-quality, medical-grade materials to achieve such capability. They are designed to handle a lot more than a regular air pad can, and their design is quite a bit different in most cases than alternating pressure mattresses that go on hospital beds. 

Most alternating mattresses and low air loss mattresses are made with numerous air cells, but they frequently have an in-line pattern that spans a portion of the width of the bed. While some alternating pressure overlays feature this design, many others are actually made with a “honeycomb” pattern. This is also called an alternating comb pattern. These patterns allow more pressure to be put into individual cells much like the familiar “unpoppable” bubble wrap products. In a nutshell, each cell is linked together in a chain instead of representing individual cells. This allows the air to be continuously redistributed as pressure is put onto a key point at a given time. 

Alternating Bubble Mattress with Adjustable Pump System Benefits

Of course, the most prominent benefit that an alternating mattress overlay offers is its capability to alleviate and prevent pressure sores. The unique shape and design help to decrease the amount of pressure that a person places on a key point for long periods of time (thanks to the alternating air pressure). There are other benefits, however, some of which include: 

Circulatory Benefits

One of the most important benefits that an alternating pressure pad can provide is the ability to improve a patient’s circulation. Over time, patients who are on continuous bedrest and unable to move need to be rotated frequently and repositioned. This helps to eliminate some of this requirement, and can even make it so that caregivers don’t have to use foam wedge treatment as often. Alternating pressure has been known to help improve circulation to areas of the body that frequently suffer from the lack of proper blood flow – internal organs, hands, feet, and legs. 

Improved Posture During Bedrest

Just like gel-foam mattress overlays, an alternating pressure system can help adjust the body’s positioning properly as well as help to keep the spine aligned while sleeping. By doing so, users are able to have less back pain and other joint pain commonly associated with prolonged periods of bed confinement. This means that patients can be happier and more comfortable than they would be with their adjustable hospital bed and mattress alone. 

More Adequate Weight Distribution

The weight is distributed appropriately to help keep the air cells from popping (as mentioned above), but this also has additional benefits for the patients. Less weight is concentrated on the problematic points around which patients often suffer bedsores. The advanced weight redistribution can also help to maintain proper posture and spinal alignment, not to mention the circulatory benefits cited above. 

Ultimate Comfort During Adjustment

One highlight is that these mattresses can withstand a good beating. Short of punctures and bouncing these models prove incredibly durable. With all of the benefits that were listed above, a patient can even get more comfort when being used with their beds since the weight distribution and pressure relief can remain consistent. Gravity often shifts the weight of patients as they are being adjusted in their beds, and this takes a little bit of the weight from the user off of the mattress, resulting in enhanced comfort. 

Affordable and Lightweight

While some high-tech systems can indeed cost a great deal, other models are often much less expensive than an actual air mattress system. Here at AvaCare Medical, we want to ensure that you have a good variety, so we do have some of the higher-end systems. However, we do understand that many seniors are on a fixed budget and need lower-priced models that can help give them the same benefits. Therefore, our alternating pressure pump and pad systems are available for anywhere from around $40 up to just above $100. We even have replacement pads and pumps that can be purchased individually so users can tailor their own custom experience. 

Caregivers Get More Comfort Too

Caregivers are some of the most important people to those who are completely bedridden. It takes a lot to provide care for those who need continuous attention. Indeed, many caregivers often have extra work ahead of them when a person is bed-bound because they often put themselves at risk for additional back pain and strain. Furthermore, they have to keep a close eye on their patients to ensure that they don’t get bedsores. Since bedsores can require an entirely new strategy for prevention and care, this can add extra work to the caregiver, taking away time and energy from other quality care areas for their patients. By eliminating the chronic pain and discomfort patients are in as well as lowering their chance to get bedsores, caregivers can do a better job for their patients.


Here at AvaCare Medical, we take pride in knowing that our top-of-the-line alternating air pressure mattress pads with pumps and a system can help those in need the most! If you ever have any questions, we’re available during our business hours listed at the bottom of the page – all you have to do is call one of our customer care representatives toll-free at 1-877-813-7799! You can also send an email if you want to reach us at any time, and we’ll help answer any questions and concerns. Let us help assist you with your order today!